Raising Picky Eaters

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Before I became a mom, I just did not ‘get it’. I have three older sisters who all had babies way before me and when they would come and visit me, I would always tease them about how I was going to go and take a hot bath and relax as I was giving back their crying child.

Well, those days are over and now when my sisters and I get together with our kids and one of my kids cry, they tease me! I guess I deserve it, right? Ha!


So, I obviously did not get the whole parenting thing. Sure you can give the parent back their crying baby, but when you have your own it really is DIFFERENT. Things change, they really do.

Becoming a mom has never been more rewarding though. Sure there are hard times and times I wish I could run far away, but for the most part? I am thrilled with being a mommy to my three beautiful, healthy children!

My oldest son has always been a wonderful eater. He would eat whatever I put in front of him. He made being a mommy quite easy! So, I had another child…

My second child, a girl, was not the same as my first born. She was cranky and did what she wanted to do. That little girl had attitude at an early age! Sheesh! When it was feeding time, she would eat, but she was super picky about what she ate. It was a bit harder, but I really wanted to get her to eat healthy when she DID eat. It was hard!

Then came my third born, another boy. This little one is certainly carefree, funny and will NOT eat just anything. He is SO particular about what he puts in his little pie hole that it drives this mama nuts! Mealtime is not a fun time in this home! It really is not.

I have tried many things with my youngest son and some things have worked way better than others. He likes fruits and some veggies, so that is good. But when it comes to me making meals, and serving them to the family, he will barely touch them, even if they are things he would eat separately.

One thing my youngest son (and daughter!) will eat is Gerber® Organic baby food; particularly the  3rd Foods® Organic pouches. Oh my goodness, my youngest son will suck those up in no time flat! He thinks mommy is giving him some sort of treat when really, this is good for him. He also really likes the latest foodie combinations like:  Pears, Mangoes, and Avocado. When I feed him those pouches, I feel like at least he ate something healthy at mealtime. It makes me feel better about myself. He is just SO picky!!!

One thing I have learned raising my babies is that you have to be very very VERY patient! You have to constantly try new things so they find what they like to eat. It is not fun, but it is necessary. I have to tell myself every day that this too shall pass and one day they will be big and on their own and I will be sad! So, that gets me EVERYTIME!

I love my little kids with all my heart. They are why I live and they are my best friends in the world! I never thought I would be a mommy, but now that I am, I feel so complete!!!

How do you encourage your kids to try new foods?


Written by Kim Delatorre, a stay-at-home mommy to 3 beautiful kids, Z who is 9, P who is 7 and K who is 2. She lives in Washington.

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