Dad Takes Us On the Dopest Nursery Tour You'll Ever See, a la 'MTV Cribs' (VIDEO)

MTV Crib

Nearly every parent on the planet likes to show off their new nursery, which bores most people to tears. But not this dad's nursery tour, which is done as an MTV Cribs parody that will leave you in stitches.


MTV Cribs, for those of you who missed this series before it went off the air in 2013, had celebs like Lil Wayne, Ludacris, and even Mariah Carey show off their swanky pads, complete with $10,000 game rooms and walk-in closets.

So dad Bryan Canatella gave us a tour of his daughter "Cici's Crib," complete with "wings," wall art, and a diaper-changing station where he'll "wipe her little bum bum while she's sittin' on swans." Check it out below:

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As far as nursey tours go, this one takes the cake! In all honesty, it's just your average nursery -- only the MTV-style clubby sound track and jagged camera work could make any place seem sweet.

And the truth is I love when parents poke fun of their mundane lives by recasting nursery decor as something cool. Because let's face it: No one really cares about your diaper-changing table, so you'd better make people laugh when you show it off!


Image via The Canatellas/YouTube

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