How to Protect Baby From the Sun, Naturally (PHOTOS)

baby on beach sun hat

With the fun of summer comes the worry about the sun and its potentially harmful rays. We want our little ones to play outside, but we also have to make sure they are protected without having to slather on chemicals. There are natural ways to protect your baby from the sun and guidelines to follow when it comes to sun exposure.


J Lee Jenkins, MD, is an emergency physician, emergency public health expert, health blogger, and mom to two daughters. As a doctor and mother, she also worries about the chemicals in sunscreen and has shared her knowledge on the best natural protection, when to apply, and more helpful insight into keeping our babies safe from the sun's rays and toxins.

How do you keep your baby safe from the sun and heat?

natural sun protection for babies

Image via Jonny Hughes/Flickr; © Alexey Losevich/Shutterstock

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