10 Cool New Fruit & Veggie Trends for Feeding Baby

Judy Dutton | Jul 22, 2015 Baby
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  • Chia Seeds


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    The seeds of this powerhouse plant are all the rage with adults, but babies shouldn't miss out on the action, either. "They contain a higher ratio of antioxidants than blueberries, and have more calcium than whole milk," says Letts. And you can toss them in almost anything: "I add them to porridge, soups, muffins, and smoothies," she says.

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  • Fruit & Veggie Juice


    Image via Rustle/shutterstock

    Why just serve your baby fruits and veggies as dinner when they can also sip them as drinks? "Some fruit and veggie drinks made in home juicers or mixers
 are well liked by parents, but have too strong of a taste for kids," says Hugh. "Parents
 might consider juicing a mild vegetable, such as squash, and adding one to three ounces
 of a stronger-tasting juice such as orange juice" for a more palatable drink for baby.

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