10 Golden Rules for Playing With Your Baby

mom playing with baby

You know you're supposed to play with your baby. But HOW exactly do you do that? It's not like you can pull out a board game and make them the banker. (Not yet, at least.)


It's kind of tough to oversell how crucial play is for kids -- especially itty bitty ones. Play aids brain development, builds physical strength and dexterity, develops a kiddo's imagination, AND increases their already-special bond with you.

In a perfect world, we wouldn't have to plan how to play. We'd just do it. But hey, we're all careful parents with access to the Internet; we like to KNOW we're doing things right.

To that end, we have answers for you! Click through the slideshow to learn the type of play baby likes best and needs most.

Is #9 the easiest thing EVER?

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