Big Love & Hormones: 12 Women Share the First Time Motherhood Made Them Cry (PHOTOS)

Wendy Robinson | Jul 7, 2015 Baby
Big Love & Hormones: 12 Women Share the First Time Motherhood Made Them Cry (PHOTOS)

Most of us realize that deciding to have a baby means that there will be a lot of crying in our future. But how many of us expected that it would be us and not the baby covered in tears?

The combination of postpartum hormones, sleep deprivation, and crazy joy is a potent one and can leave a new mom feeling like she is riding an emotional rollercoaster.

Read on for the sweet and sometimes funny (OMG, #8!) stories of the first time our babies made us cry.

Do you remember crying after your baby was born?

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  • Nursing Pains


    "The first night we were home alone I cried a lot because Wylie cried anytime he wasn't nursing and nursing was excruciating. He wasn't latching on properly, so he wasn't really getting anything to eat but destroying my nipples in the process.

    I went to the store at 8 am to buy formula. I had to get out of the house. Despite my hysterical state and ridiculous swelling, I did not want to be alone with him. Good times."

  • Best. Diaper. Change. Ever.


    "I cried tears of joy when our three-day-old baby peed on us after a very frustrating visit with a nurse practitioner. She was pushing us to supplement with formula because he was jaundiced and not peeing much. We both burst into laughter and tears when that little stream sprayed us!"

  • Tears of Exhaustion


    "I remember crying a few days after he was born -- exhausted, in pain (ALL over!!), and completely questioning why we decided to have a child. I kept thinking, 'We made a terrible mistake! Why did we do this!?!?!'

    That feeling passed quickly, but I remember it so vividly."

  • What Have We Done?


    "I cried when my first child was four days old because I was pretty sure my life was ruined. I loved him, but I suddenly "realized" that my husband was annoying, my house was too small, we didn't have enough money, I didn't want to breast feed, etc. I really thought we'd made a terrible mistake and that I'd never be happy again.

    Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and blame that meltdown totally on hormones and lack of sleep."

  • When Hormones Attack


    "I remember four days after our first was born sitting on the couch and I just started crying -- which is totally not me. My husband was like, 'What's wrong? Are you okay? Should I call the doctor?'

    And I remember just saying, 'Nothing. Reason is telling me there is nothing wrong. The baby is fine. I'm fine. Everything is good. But I can't stop crying. Don't worry.' It was completely bizarre and hormonal and felt icky."

  • "Hey You"


    "Day four (just as my postpartum nurse promised) my hormones were haywire. I was sitting on the couch with our baby Porter and hubby, dog at out feet, listening to the radio. Suddenly the Johnny Cash song "Hey Porter," which we didn't know existed when we named our son, came on.

    And I just started weeping. Had no idea why, couldn't articulate it, but I just looked around the room and lost it. Not happy, not sad. Just tears."

  • The Joy of New Love


    "I cried daily that first week. I would look at the baby and it was overwhelming. 'You're here! You're perfect! You're all mine!'

    My heart couldn't handle this new love. It was messy."

  • For the Birds


    "I was about three or four days postpartum in a sleep deprived haze sitting on the back deck of our neighbor's house, just holding the baby and trying to enjoy some fresh air.

    Suddenly, a bird took a huge dump right on my sweet-pea's head.

    I just burst into tears, feeling like life had just taken a crap on me and my baby. In hindsight, it is kind of funny, but at the time I was hysterical about it."

  • Jaundice & Tears


    "I cried when he had jaundice and was under the bili lights and was having to be fed supplementary pumped milk/formula because his weight was so low.

    I felt like I had failed him, and the nurses and pediatrician attending us didn't make any effort to make me feel like it wasn't completely my fault. The only other times I've cried because of him have been from exhaustion."

  • Like Clockwork


    "I'm having a hard time thinking of a time I was NOT crying after my babe was born! Stupid hormones.

    It was like clock work -- every day at 4:30 the weepies came over me I would just sit there crying, but nothing was wrong. The worst!"

  • Big Love & Wild Hormones


    "We didn't name our son for several days. Around day four or five, we decided on the name, Waylon. Holding him and looking at him, saying 'hi Waylon' for the first time, I cried uncontrollably -- big love and wild hormones!"

  • Finally Ours


    "The first time I cried was after he was discharged from the NICU. He was in there for three days for meconium aspiration. Only now I'm realizing that it's really weird that I didn't cry or get scared when he was in there. I just trusted that everything was going to go as it should and it did.

    He was discharged, so we took him into the little garden at the children's hospital -- it was a beautiful September day. His first time outside. I sat on a bench, holding him, looked up at my husband, and burst into tears. Feeling the sun on my face for the first time in three days felt so good. And holding him, not hooked up to any tubes, it all hit me. It was like he was finally ours."

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