How 13 Moms (Barely) Survived Their First Public Outings With Baby (PHOTOS)

Wendy Robinson | Jul 7, 2015 Baby
How 13 Moms (Barely) Survived Their First Public Outings With Baby (PHOTOS)

The first time you decide to leave the house with your newborn often involves a level of planning on par with a covert spy operation. You have to plan for feedings and diapers and nap time plus trying to make sure you have everything you could ever need in your 30-pound diaper bag that is bursting at the seams. But then it always goes smoothly, right?

Okay, now that you're done laughing, click on for real-life stories of those first public outings from both rookie and veteran moms alike.

How did your first solo outing with baby go?

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  • Diaper Down!


    "I took my first baby to her first doctor's appointment. Afterwards I went to the coffee shop to congratulate myself for keeping the baby alive and actually being out in public getting expensive coffee like other humans.

    I had the baby in a sling, so when I got a table, I maneuvered her out, held her over the table, and she was such a tiny skinny thing that her pants and diaper just fell right off onto the table.

    I just started giggling helplessly with my half-naked baby (in winter!) trying to figure out how to re-dress her and realizing I wasn't like other humans anymore."

  • Got Milk?


    "Three days after my first was born, I remember going to the grocery store to get a bunch of things I naively didn't realize I would really need, like pads and nipple cream. The baby started crying and I just threw a blanket over my shoulder and nursed her while I walked around. I ended up running into a coworker who hadn't heard that I'd had the baby, and the look of surprise on his face when he bumped into me nursing a baby in the grocery store was priceless."

  • Too Tired to Think


    "It basically took me all day trying to get ready for her doctor appointment. Feeding, napping, changing diapers, then time to feed again, pack diaper bag, and then OMG, where are the car keys?

    I was so tired that when I finally got on the elevator and a man asked me what floor, I just stood there, unable to formulate a response. He gently said, 'I think the doctors are on 2?' and pushed the button for me."

  • When Old Ladies Attack, Part 1


    "I was out with my week-old son and an older lady came up to me, looked at the baby, and then said, 'One day he'll fall in love with some girl, marry her, and leave you.' What the heck, lady!

    Me and my hormone-addled self did not take kindly to that."

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  • I Should Have Stayed Home


    "I went to go pick up our new lawn mower. The baby was 3 weeks old, and I refused to put her in a stroller and just carried her. I shouldn't have been out with her, but I'd been on bed rest for three months, so I WAS GOING NO MATTER WHAT.

    People kept pointing out how small she was, and I started to take it personally and get offended. She was 3 weeks old, less than two weeks out of the NICU, and I was insane. I should have stayed home at least two more weeks."

  • Thanks a Lot, Doc


    "I had to take my daughter to an orthopedist because we'd been told she had clubbed feet and that they would start the casting process at 10 days old. Before we left, I sat in front of her closet sobbing because I didn't know what pants to put on her because she'd be coming home in casts.

    I got to the doctor's office and found out that the jerks who told us about her feet were wrong and she didn't need casts at all. The doctor never looked at the X-rays, and the whole trip, which took hours and caused much crying, was for NOTHING."

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  • When Old Ladies Attack, Part 2


    "The first time I went out with my first baby, it was a diaper trip to the store. Ian was a week old, and I was so excited to get out and show off my baby (we didn't know many people in our new town so we hadn't had many visitors).

    I had him in a sling and the greeter at the door (in her 70s) oohed and ahhed until she asked how old he was. She FREAKED OUT and said I should turn around and take him home immediately because he was way too young to have out in public. We did not go home, we went about our business knowing she's from another generation. He didn't get sick or die from that trip -- imagine that!"

  • Life Is a Zoo


    "With my second child, I took the new baby and his brother to the store by myself at three days postpartum. With the third baby, I took all three kids to the zoo when the youngest was 5 days old ... Hey! Life goes on! I've got other kids/things to think about!"

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  • The Blow Out


    "I went to visit a lactation consultant and then attend a mom/baby class. I brought one diaper for the outing. I had no idea what to put in a diaper bag and no idea how many diapers to pack.

    You guessed it.

    Mass poop explosion.

    Luckily another mom in the group helped me and gave me several diapers! It was my first experience seeing how other moms can make you feel supported and loved."

  • Hours Later ...


    "The first time I left the house with my 1-week-old preemie was to go back to the NICU to visit her twin brother. It was the dead of winter and terribly snowy and cold. But I missed my son and felt guilty leaving him alone in the NICU. I remember waking up and casually thinking 'We'll go to the NICU today!'

    Well, after a very long feeding session, a blow-out poop, a shower for me, some breakfast, a pumping session, another long feeding session with my daughter, packing up the diaper bag packing, starting the car to warm up, and finally loading baby in the car, we got to the NICU about 2 p.m.

    I remember thinking, 'If it takes me until 2 p.m. to get somewhere with one baby, how am I ever going to get anywhere with two!?'"

  • Baby at the Bar


    "The first time I took my oldest out was to make a brief appearance at a work dinner at a bar/pub. He was a perfect gentleman and slept in a coworker's arms while I visited.

    My husband jokes that I took him to a bar right away so if he grows up to be a party animal, it will be all my fault!"

  • Shop 'n' Scream


    "Because I had a C-section, I didn't leave the house solo (except for walks) with babe until he was maybe 2 weeks or so. As a second-time mom, I was confident that I could handle a simple trip to the store.

    Everything seemed fine, but within about five minutes of our arrival, he started screaming that horrid newborn screaming that makes your ears bleed. I'm pretty sure it echoed throughout the entire store. I tried nursing him in a changing room, but he wanted nothing to do with the boob. I kept going, hopeful that the movement would calm him down. It didn't.

    And every single person I walked past gave me a look. Not of sympathy, but more, What the freak is your problem and why can't you calm your baby down? And I heard nearly every one of those people say, 'Oh, he must be hungry.'

    Thanks, why hadn't I thought of that?! Grr. Needless to say, it took me several weeks before I tried another solo store run."

  • State Fair


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    "Other than a doctor appointment, our first outing with our son (second child) was to the Minnesota State Fair. He was 7 days old, and it was awesome.

    All went very, very well (the fair even had a lactation station!), and he thinks it is cool that he went to the fair when he was 7 days old. He was a 10-pounder, and I wore him all day and rested in a quiet and shaded space often.

    I held off on giving him funnel cake until the next year though."

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