Mom's Viral PSA Against Breastfeeding in Public Has Hilarious Twist (VIDEO)

eating under cover
Kristina Kuzmic makes great videos about the realities of parenting, and her latest installment is no exception. If you support breastfeeding, her title, 4 Reasons Women Should NEVER Breastfeed in Public, might make you see red -- but before you rage-quit the Internet for the day, take a peek.
Kuzmic's video is actually a positive breastfeeding piece, and does a fantastic job of tearing down common arguments people make when telling women to cover up:
Videos like these prove that laughter really is the best medicine. Not only do they encourage moms who are pregnant and thinking about breastfeeding or who are currently breastfeeding, but they also serve as a balm to anyone who remembers having a bad experience while nursing. To a woman who has ever felt shame or anger at being told to cover up or been accused of trying to draw attention rather than just feed your baby, videos of support like these serve as a great reminder that you're not in the wrong.

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While Kuzmic's video echos what others have said before, it's seeing her arguments brought to life with visuals that makes this video so powerful, and so funny.

What do you think about women who breastfeed in public?

Image via Kristina Kuzmic/YouTube

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