Natural & Organic Baby Products: What to Look For

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Natural & Organic Baby Products: What to Look For

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You've waited nine months to (finally!) meet your wee one. Now that baby's here, you want to make sure everything that surrounds him is healthy and safe. There are tons of natural, good-for-baby items and gear out there. How do you know what's really best? Here's what to look for when shopping for those natural products.

  • Baby Toys


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    Your baby will put everything that is in his little grasp into his mouth, so opting for natural, non-toxic toys will help keep him safe. When shopping for wooden toys, check out what type of wood and dyes are used. Opt for solid wood versus pressed or laminated wood, and choose dyes or paints that are food-safe and lead-free. For blankets, lovies, and stuffed toys, organic cotton and natural fillers are the way to go. When in doubt, you can always head to to check the safety of your toys or to see if any have been recalled.

  • Cloth Diapers


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    Modern cloth diapers are just as easy to use as disposable ones, and there are many styles available so you can choose the best one for your needs. You’ll feel good about helping the environment and keeping soft, breathable materials against your baby’s skin. The other bonus of cloth diapers? They actually save you money. Diapers create one of the biggest dents to the family budget, and choosing reusable cloth diapers can save you mega bucks each month. 

  • Baby Sling


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    There’s nothing like holding her nestled against you, heartbeat to heartbeat - and hands-free! Baby carriers have become the must-have new parent accessory, and when shopping for a natural baby carrier, many parents turn to the sling. With no buckles that can break and most made out of natural. breathable fabrics, slings are ideal for holding your little one in a safe, healthy way. Remember, small babies have weak head and neck control, so be sure you follow all instructions when you or your partner use any type of carrier.

  • Want to nourish your budding foodie?


    At Gerber®, we know you always want to feed your little ones the best. That’s why we’re committed to providing food that is high quality and full of yummy goodness. Every package of Gerber® Organic baby food must live up to 100 different checks – to ensure high quality from the time ingredients are grown by our trusted farmers to the time it arrives at your baby’s high chair.

  • Baby Shampoo & Body Wash


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    The bubbles. The grins. The little shriveled toes. Before lathering up every adorable inch of your baby, check labels to find soaps and washes that are free of potentially harmful substances, including parabens and phthalates.

  • Baby Lotion


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    Baby massage is one way to reinforce that physical connection between you and your little one. Natural lotions free of dyes and certain fragrances will be less likely to trigger a skin rash, helping to keep your baby’s skin healthy and protected.

  • Bedding & Sleepwear


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    Your baby spends hours and hours in the crib, so surrounding him with an environment that’s chemical-free is key. When choosing crib bedding, including swaddle blankets and pajamas, look for ones labeled organic and pesticide-free. Even if an organic crib mattress isn’t within your budget, airing out your mattress and covering it with an organic cover and bedding can make a distinct healthy difference. 

  • Sun Protection


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    A day at the park, a trip to the beach, just out and about in the stroller. What do all of these have in common? They are all times your baby may be exposed to the sun. Your best bet to protect your little one from harmful rays is to dress her in breathable clothing - shirts, hats, bathing suits - with built-in SPF. For kiddos younger than six months, that protective clothing (and maybe a beach umbrella!) is your only option. After six months, you can begin to use a natural, mineral sunscreen. The Environmental Working Group offers information about various brands and ingredients. 

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