Photographer Turns Breastfeeding Moms Into 'Goddesses' in Breathtaking Photos

breastfeeding goddess

Sure, breastfeeding moms are a beautiful sight ... but are they goddesses? Hinsdale, Illinois, mom and photographer Ivette Ivens sure thinks so -- which is why she embarked on a photo project that has made many swoon: Breastfeeding Goddesses.


"I define 'goddess' as a female with supernatural powers," says Ivette. "A woman's body makes food for her baby -- isn't that a superpower? I really think that every mother -- breastfeeding or not -- is a goddess."

And apparently many others agree: Once Ivette started posting these photos online, people ate them up, and asked for more. The photo series has even become so popular it's morphed into a book (which can be pre-ordered on her website).

Given all the breastfeeding harassers and "haters" out there, Ivette hopes these images will encourage more people to treat breastfeeding moms with the respect they deserve.

"I'm beyond happy that it's already making a difference," Ivette says. "I get sweet e-mails from all over the world, even from people who don't have children yet, saying that they'll smile and encourage every nursing mama they see."

Check out some of her gorgeous images in this slideshow.

Don't you wish you could close your eyes and magically be transported to #3?


Image via Ivette Ivens Photography

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