Creeping Around

baby feet on wood floor

As babies near their first birthday, their mobility increases and becomes much more creative. Rolling can get an infant all the way across the room moments after you've set him down on his play mat and turned your back to pick something up. Scooting on his bottom can come soon after he has gained the balance to sit up on his own, and that toy on the other side of the floor becomes far too enticing to be left alone.


Not long after he learns to stand, he will probably start creeping. Creeping, in this case, is not a bad thing like it is when you're older. It just means that a baby will take steps while holding onto something, like a piece of furniture. My babies' favorite way to get around was holding coffee tables and chairs, because they were so stable. Couches were okay, but too squishy to get a really good hold on the cushions. Unless, of course, there were people sitting on the couch, then knees were excellent stabilizers (as long as feet could be maneuvered around)!

Creeping isn't foolproof. A piece of furniture would always end eventually (the ones with corners made for longer walks, but didn't result in much distance covered). But, my babies were able to crawl or scoot before they learned to stand up and guide themselves along a table, so when the table ended, if they wanted, they could sit down and get back on all fours to move the rest of the way to their destinations.

The bad thing about creeping, though, was that those coffee tables no longer served as places to set things you don't want baby to get. He will creep around and around the table until he is able to reach a pair of glasses, a cup of water, or the remote control. Babies are relentless that way.

How old were your babies when they started to "creep" or cruise?


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