It's All in the Eyes

baby with blue eyes

There's something about having your baby look at you in the eyes. It's a magical moment. And, the older he gets the longer he can hold his gaze. What is he thinking? What is he feeling? All I know is that felt was love - the biggest boldest love one could ever imagine and one you can only feel if you are a mother yourself. 


As he looked at me, I looked at him and wondered so much. Was he going to have his father's eyebrows? What did he think about my face? Did he find it calming? Was he feeling sleepy or just hungry again? What kind of personality would have? What would the world be like when he was my age? Did he know that I was his mama? Would he keep his full head of hair or would it fall out and grow back anew? What in the world was he thinking about? Did he dream?

On the flip side I thought about some comical questions that he might have for me. Why is this lady looking at me so much? Can she hurry up and feed me? Also, a diaper change would be nice? Would you mind putting me down so I can stretch out a bit? I wonder if she knows she still has spit up on her shoulder? Did she mean to forget to brush her teeth?

As thousands of questions floated around in my head, I realized that he was still steadily looking at my face. He like it, and the way I smelled and the way I sounded. We were connected from the moment we first saw each other - probably longer than that - and our bond was unbreakable.

What do you think when you look into your baby's eyes?


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