25 Photos Every Parent Should Capture of Their Kids Before Age 10 (PHOTOS)

Caroline Olney | Jun 4, 2015 Baby
25 Photos Every Parent Should Capture of Their Kids Before Age 10 (PHOTOS)

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We know, we know -- they grow up too fast. Everything from first words to first fights to first "I love yous" are crammed into those first ten years of your kids' lives. There's no way your brain is big enough to remember all that ... but that's what cameras are for, right?

There are some shots you know you have to get because they're the same ones your mom took of you, but there are some that you might miss without a little prompting. But we've got you covered: Here are 25 moments that'll happen before your kids turn 10 that you can't forget to capture. 

Do you have any moments you'd add to the list?

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  • Dinner Time


    Image via Raphael Goetter/Flickr

    It doesn't really matter if they're breast fed or bottle fed -- these quiet moments when your baby drinks away will be gone too quickly. Any photo you get will be beautiful because it's a truly beautiful thing happening.

  • Creepy Crawlers


    Image via ThomasLife/Flickr

    They only move faster and faster as they grow up, so you're going to want to get that photo now while you can still catch them.

  • Celebrate in Style


    They're going to have a whole lifetime of birthdays, but the first is so big that you don't want it to get lost in the mix. If you're going to celebrate in style (we're talking hats, cakes, and big messes), you're going to need some photo proof.

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  • BFFs


    Before pets and friends come along, kids have stuffed animals. Chances are that they're not going to believe you in 20 years when you try and tell them that they literally never left their stuffed animal's side. Get the photo proof now that you'll need to convince them.

  • High Away


    Image via Sesame Ellis

    Awww, their little feet aren't close enough to the ground for them to run away? Well, those days will be gone soon enough. Document them while you can!

  • Step One Step Two


    Image via HCS Photography

    Okay, okay, so your baby's ACTUAL first steps will probably be enough of a surprise that you won't be able to catch them on camera, but that's totally fine -- as long as there's some footage of them tottering around, it'll be enough for you later on. And the longer you wait, the more time you have to plan a creative shoot.

  • Coordinated Chaos


    What's a better way to remember all the messes your baby made then a nice, coordinated cake smash on a cleanable surface?

  • Tots and Their Toys


    Walking across a living room after a 2-year-old has been there is like wading through a swamp with crocodiles and LEGOs and no telling what you're going to step on next. We know. We also know that you're going to miss those toys someday, or you're at least going to forget how much your kid loved them and how much you hated them.

  • Play Datin'


    Playdates are key for developing social skills from a young age, and they also make for key images in your baby book. How cute are the little kiddos when they're throwing sand at each other??

  • Bookworm


    Image via John Morgan/Flickr

    Of course, some kids will enjoy reading more than others, but either way, it's exciting when you find them cuddled up with a book by themselves. So what do you do? Snap a photo, of course!

  • Rub A Dub


    Image via Andrew Seaman/Flickr

    The days of tub time and bath toys are coming quickly to a close, but you're not going to want to forget how much fun you had (and how good they were at getting the water in the tub on the floor). 

  • Wishful Thinking


    Image © iStock.com/jacomstephens

    Of course, you can't forget something to commemorate traditions, whether that's Santa's lap or lighting the menorah. But these moments are so photo-ready without your help, this picture will be a piece of cake to take.

  • Initiate Phase Two


    Image via Sesame Ellis

    You're undoubtedly sick of your kid's phases while they're in them, but one day you're going to want photo proof to show them of just how much they loved dinosaurs. Guaranteed.

  • Are You One, Are You Two ...


    Image via Pressmaster/shutterstock

    The biggest challenge in a little kid's life is blowing out all of the birthday candles on the cake. It's probably a good idea to take a photo to remind them of that later in life when they're facing the challenge of getting into college or finding a job.

  • Kiddo's Best Friend


    "Man's best friend" or "kids' all-time favorite playtime companion"? More of a mouthful, sure, but undoubtedly true. All that to say that you can't let your kids hit 10 without at LEAST one photo of them with their favorite furry friend.

  • School Days


    Honestly, first day/last day of school photos could count for every image on this list, but we limited ourselves to just one for your sake. You have a photo from YOUR first-ever day of school, so getting one of your kids is a must, too.

  • A Place of Their Own


    Image via © iStock.com/Tatiana1987

    The first space that your children can make their own will be important to them for the rest of their lives, but it'll also change quickly as they grow up. You'll want to get a photo of them in their first big kid room with all the stuff they love ... just so you don't forget.

  • Baby's Biggest Fans


    Image © iStock.com/kirin_photo

    It's hard to imagine anyone loving your kid as much as you do, but their grandparents will come pretty close. These kind of moments are the little ones you'll forget ... unless you can capture it on camera forever.

  • Kids Being Kids


    When you hit a certain age, you stop doing things like rolling down hills (on purpose) and laughing the whole way down. That's why you have to catch these moments now -- they're the #tbt's of the future.

  • Mini Monet


    Image © iStock.com/viafilms

    Sure, you'll save all those paintings and put them somewhere ... but who actually remembers where? A photo saves it so much better AND you get a reference for how old they were at the time. That'll come in handy later on when you're writing about the paintings for their first art gallery opening. Trust us!

  • Sweet and Sour


    A lot has probably changed since you were their age, but if there's one thing that's timeless, it's a good ol' fashioned lemonade stand ... even if the prices have gone up some. But no matter -- it's still as photo-ready as it ever was.

  • Scouting


    Image via Rennett Stowe/Flickr

    C'mon, those little uniforms are cute and it's unlikely you'll ever convince them to wear one after they're done with Cub Scouts, so it's probably better to document it now.

  • Hair-Off


    Image via Mariusz S. Jurgielewicz/shutterstock

    THEY might not want you to document their Crazy Hair and Pajama Days, but we bet they're going to want to laugh at these photos 10 years down the line as much as you want to laugh at them now. This photo is worth the fight!

  • One Tooth Less


    Image via Stephanie Sicore/Flickr

    The first tooth coming in is pretty cute, but excitement that comes with the first tooth falling out is even cuter. These are the only times you'll be this happy that his teeth are all falling out, so you'll want to celebrate while you can.

  • Bike Basics


    Image © iStock.com/Kirbyphoto

    A photo of your kids learning to ride a bike is one for the books -- they're only going to learn it once, after all.


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