Make Christmas Special Without Spending a Dime

christmas ornament

photo by cacutie

Times are tough for a lot us this year, and sometimes it's hard to be joyful when you're worried about putting food on the table never mind putting gifts under the tree. A lot of us are Depressed About Money This Holiday, as Cafe Kierna pointed out in the Big Kid Buzz last week. But that doesn't mean you can't give your baby a really good gift.


nicole1231 shared this in her journal:

"It's really tough to know that we won't be able to put Christmas presents under the tree for Jace. I found out last night that my hubby doesn't get payed until the day after Christmas, and on top of that he's probably going to end up working on Christmas. Maybe I'm just whining, but it breaks my heart. I really wanted to give Jace an amazing first Christmas."

Mrs.Martin responded:

"I know just how you feel. When I had Bailey I was a single mom. Her first Christmas, I couldn't afford to put one present under the tree. Thank goodness she was only 3 months old. Christmas Eve, I wrote her a letter. It's now in her scrapbook with the pictures of her first Christmas sealed up. One day she will be big enough to read it, and she will know how much I wanted to give her the world but couldn't."

Writing a letter to your baby is such a lovely idea. I'm going to write one so years from now, when blocks and toys are gone and forgotten, my daughter will have a wonderful keepsake. I think I might even write her a Christmas letter every year, whether or not I can afford presents. The letters will be better than any toys or gifts I could ever think to buy her. Thank you so much, Mrs.Martin, for sharing that idea.

Do you have any ideas for making Christmas extra-special for your baby without spending anything?

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