How Long Will You Breastfeed Your Baby?


I just watched a video about breastfeeding that channingsmom posted in the CafeMom Newcomers Club. It's about people's reactions to watching another video called "Breastfeeding from birth until two years and beyond." If you have time to watch it, here it is. Either way, keep reading.

I've also been hearing a lot of talk lately about women breastfeeding their children until they are toddlers—or even beyond.

Kelly Rutherford, one of the stars of Gossip Girl, just told Babyrazzi that she's still breastfeeding her two-year-old son Hermes. "It's an amazing bond with your child, she said. "Some cultures do it up to five years normally. I'll just do it as long as it feels right for my son."

Over in the Toddler Buzz, Cafe Cynthia has an interview with jellyphish, the owner of the Breastfeeding Toddlers/Preschoolers Group, about extended or full-term breastfeeding (feeding your baby until the age of two or beyond). She talks about the benefits of breastfeeding toddlers—and the biting! Check out what she has to say.

How long do you plan to breastfeed your baby?



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Lizzi... Lizzie32390

I olny was able to breastfeed my daughter for a week sadly and I had wanted to breastfeed for a year but my milk supply quickly ran out and I just couldn't keep up. It's probably best that I stopped when i did because I will have to work soon and my breast won't be available to her. Anyways I do think breastfeeding over a year is kind of odd (JMO). My mom's friend is still breastfeeding her 4 year old son, that I find gross.

MsDra... MsDragonfly

I think it's definitely a choice for the mother and child to make together. Both need to be comfortable with the decision. That said, my son is 17.5 months and is still breastfed. He nurses less now because I went back to work 12/08/08 but I will let him wean himself. I recently became divorced and I think my he nurses sometimes to reassure himself that I'll be there so, I definitely won't force him to quit.

lynnroze lynnroze

i plan on nusing as long as she wants it.she almost 5 months now and its the only way to get her to sleep. And it comforts her everytime after she gets shots i nurse her immediatly it makes her feel beter. Its also very comforting to me. i feel like we've got such a close bond. I have a friend that says once a baby can walk you shouldnt breast feed them anymore and i use to agrre with her until i had my daughter. I couldnt imagin making her stop if she wasnt ready.

Lynette Lynette

My oldest I breastfeed till 18mo.  My 2nd child till 2 1/2yrs.  I will be having baby #3 any day now and will breastfeed till at LEAST 2yrs. 

booka... bookaholict

The video was very touching. Before I had my son I used to think breastfeeding past one years of age is not normal, but now that I don't see an issue with moms BF their kids until the kid is ready to stop on his own. My son is now one month old and I plan to BF as long as he wants to.

mommy... mommyde513

My baby just turned 1 and No signs of stopping soon. I will not make him stop either Its his until he does not want it no more.

justc... justcallmebean

I am currently breastfeeding my soon to be five month old daughter...I hate how people get all uncomfortable when you start feeding or how they give you this dissgusted look....I think in school health class they should teach kids about breastfeeding so it would become more of the norm than a "weird" thing to see...Thanks for listening to my

Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

Thanks for ranting! LOL. That's a great idea about school health class!

NuMom... NuMommy87

I plan to breastfeed my lil boy until he's one or ready to stop.  Of course everyone has an opinion about that but I'm starting to ignore them.  Some people have to understand that parents make the decisions for their child not others opinions.

zinnia11 zinnia11

I nursed both my boys. My oldest weaned himself at around 6 months and my youngest at one year old. It seems like such a short time looking back. I have wonderful relationships with both of my sons today. I look back on that time with such fondness. My only regret is not nursing longer. I have never met a mom who has said to me that she wishes she would have nursed less or not at all.

I think about how I am glad I had the opportunity to breastfeed my boys especially today because I am a very recent breast cancer survivor. As of this past June, I am in remission. I did not have to have a mastectomy but my left breast is disfigured and feels really different than before because of the surgery I had. I know that breastfeeding is supposed to reduce your risk of cancer, but I want to remind everyone that it is not foolproof. Get checked and do self exams regularly. You can save your life and be there for your children if you catch it in time.

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