How Long Will You Breastfeed Your Baby?


I just watched a video about breastfeeding that channingsmom posted in the CafeMom Newcomers Club. It's about people's reactions to watching another video called "Breastfeeding from birth until two years and beyond." If you have time to watch it, here it is. Either way, keep reading.

I've also been hearing a lot of talk lately about women breastfeeding their children until they are toddlers—or even beyond.

Kelly Rutherford, one of the stars of Gossip Girl, just told Babyrazzi that she's still breastfeeding her two-year-old son Hermes. "It's an amazing bond with your child, she said. "Some cultures do it up to five years normally. I'll just do it as long as it feels right for my son."

Over in the Toddler Buzz, Cafe Cynthia has an interview with jellyphish, the owner of the Breastfeeding Toddlers/Preschoolers Group, about extended or full-term breastfeeding (feeding your baby until the age of two or beyond). She talks about the benefits of breastfeeding toddlers—and the biting! Check out what she has to say.

How long do you plan to breastfeed your baby?



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m0m2t... m0m2twoboys

Im still nursing my 25 month old!

lions... lionslambs

My DS is almost 13 months and I see no stopping anytime soon.  it is a bond I never got 2 have with my 1st child, so I am making up for lost time!!  I love it.

Rylee... RyleesMommy1

Well my plan was 6 months, then it changed to when she has teeth, or can walk. Now she has teeth and is starting to walk and I still BF. However My right breast has stopped producing milk so I'm still feeding with my left one but I'm feeling a little lop- sided. lol I'm hoping to make it to a year. Now she's now 8.5 months. We shall see!

My MIL BF my husband till he was 2 at first I thought it was kinda creepy, but now that I'm a mom, I get it! =0)

abell... abellvalerie

The longest I have nursed was 3 years

MamaC... MamaCatCat

I'm all for it. I was heartbroken when I had nursing difficulty and I started pumping at about 2 weeks old. Then I got tired of pumping b/c of no support at 5-6 weeks. I wish I had support from my friends and family but to them, breast isn't better, they actually think that formula is better. I wish I had been able to truly breast feed. She's almost 2 years old and it breaks my heart to this day. :(

edwin... edwinasmom

I'm planning on starting her weening around one year.  

Katie... KatieCrandall

My favorite part was at the end, when she gave a shout-out to bottle-feeders.  I'm so tired of seeing these women attacked, it sometimes actually makes me feel ashamed to be a part of the breastfeeding crowd!

3eart... 3earthangels

I am tandem BFing my 3 y/o & 12 month old along with pumping for both my 5 & 3 y/o to have a cup with breakfast & dinner.I have plans on BFing until they self wean and to continue pumping until I can't get any more. It was never a question in my mind what I was going to do. But I've also been on the formula feeding side in that I had to supplement my oldest DD while in nursing school b/c pumping was impossible. As far I I feel it's the most beautiful thing in the world to BF, but as long as the baby is happy & healthy who cares how they are fed?

The-A... The-Autism-Mom

My boys both nursed until they were no longer committed - in other words, they were easily distracted and didn't show a need anymore. One was 22 months and the other was 26 months. It was easy to wean them because they were ready. Thanks for the video - very well done!



I thank you for the video, cool idea. I had thought about BF my DD until she was 1 and now Im not sure. i would love to feed her longer because it is healthier for both her and I. I am a insulin-dependent diabetic and with BF, I actually require less insulin and it also helps you loose weight. The bond that we have is great (even though he dad doesnt like it at times) but i wouldnt trade it for the world. I am now thinking I will BF and pump until she is ready to let go. Im one of two (I think) in my family to BF so I get some mixed support. I am glad to see soo much support here! If its healthy for us both..then why not??we rock

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