Stocking Stuffers, Baby: Soft Toys

It's day three of the Baby Buzz's Stocking Stuffer Special. This week we've covered Little Suckers, Girlie Accessories, and Boyish Accessories. Today, I've got some soft little toys for your little tot.

soft toy mice

photo from Moolka

Haba Pink or Blue Mouse

Why I Love It: This mouse brought a smile to my daughter's face immediately. I didn't even know they rattled until she started shaking it. (The blue mouse squeaks.) So adorable.

Get It: Moolka, $2.75


soft beetle toy

photo from Oompa

Beetle Anton Clutching Toy

Why I Love It: It's so cute and soft, baby can chew on it. It rattles and also makes a crinkling sound.

Get It: Oompa, $9.99

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