Hello, World! 20 Brand-New Babies Making Some Seriously Funny Faces

baby funny face

Let's be frank: Newborn babies can make the most hilarious faces! Which is understandable -- being out in the world is a lot to take in. To highlight the full range of funny faces a baby might pull, check out these photos of babies taken mere minutes after they're born.


Some of these infants look downright grumpy, others thrilled to be in mama's arms. Some can't stop sticking their tongues out, while others seem to be all but preening for the camera. While it's impossible to know what they're really thinking, the photographers who shot these pics took their best stabs at a guess ... and we'd say they're probably pretty on target! 

Doesn't the newborn in #12 look like the spitting image of Dr. Evil?


Image via Amore Em Foco