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Hello, World! 20 Brand-New Babies Making Some Seriously Funny Faces

Baby Judy Dutton May 19, 2015

baby funny face

Let's be frank: Newborn babies can make the most hilarious faces! Which is understandable -- being out in the world is a lot to take in. To highlight the full range of funny faces a baby might pull, check out these photos of babies taken mere minutes after they're born.

Some of these infants look downright grumpy, others thrilled to be in mama's arms. Some can't stop sticking their tongues out, while others seem to be all but preening for the camera. While it's impossible to know what they're really thinking, the photographers who shot these pics took their best stabs at a guess ... and we'd say they're probably pretty on target! 

Doesn't the newborn in #12 look like the spitting image of Dr. Evil?


Image via Amore Em Foco

1Oh, Baby!

This is my nephew," says photographer Janelle Kamp. "I think he is saying, 'doula, birth photographer AND my auntie … Ooooohhh!'"

2Put Me Back!

"I think this is a perfect face, whilst not even fully born
yet," says photographer Keri-Anne Dilworth. "I think he's not thrilled about being vacated from his home!"

3Whew, What a Trip!

"This kid looks like he's thinking 'Yeah, that's right. I just rocked that birth journey,'" jokes Freund. "'Here I am, world.'"

Image via Amore Em Foco

5Happy Baby

"Twenty minutes after he was born, this was back in his mom's arms ... and he just smiled. He really did," says Pereira. "He's thinking, 'So you are my mom.'"

Image via Monet Nicole

6I Can Fly!

"This baby girl flew up into mom’s arm," says Nicole. "Can I get an amen?"

Image via Amore Em Foco

7Do I Have to?

"This baby was born covered in meconium -- a lot of it," says Pereira. "She is thinking, 'Who turned this lights on?'"

Image via Amore Em Foco

9Taking It All In

"This photo was taken ten minutes after a natural birth," says Pereira. "He's thinking, 'Hello World.'"

Image via Little Leapling

10Easy, Easy!

"This image is from an unplanned C-section, and mama was finally getting to inspect her sweet boy," says Schmit. "I think the baby is thinking, 'I get it, I get it! You love me and want to keep me safe, but loosen the grip a little, please?'"

11Hate This Hat!

"In this photo I could swear the baby is thinking, 'Dad … seriously… this hat makes me look ridiculous!'" says photographer Ditzel.

13Mwah Ha Ha ...

"This baby is clearly channeling Dr. Evil from Austin Powers," jokes Ditzel.

Image via Monet Nicole

14Meet and Greet

According to photographer Monet Nicole, "This little girl seems to be saying, 'Well hello there, mama.'" 

15Making Faces at Mom

"I've had so many hilarious newborn faces from births," says photographer Jaydene Freund. "I think this baby is thinking, 'I haven't even been bathed -- I'm not ready to have my picture taken yet!'" 

17Enough Bathtime, I Wanna Eat!

"This was during Madeline's whole-family herbal bath," says photographer Casandra Hawkins. "She might be thinking, 'What happened to my all-you-can-eat feeding tube? I'm getting hungry!'"

18Born a Big Flirt

"This was baby Xander's first time being held by dad and he was flirting with the camera," says Hawkin. "He might be thinking, 'Hey girl, how you doin'?'"

19Hands Off, Bud!

"I think this baby was thinking, 'Can you hurry this exam? I was really enjoying the newfound food!'" laughs Ditzel.


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