'Welcome Baby': 14 Sweet Ideas for a 'Sip & See'

Suzee Skwiot | May 15, 2015 Baby

sip and see invitationMaybe it's your second or third child so you skipped the baby shower, or you just want to introduce your newborn to all close friends, family members, and neighbors in one fell swoop. No need to throw another baby shower: baby sip and sees are a great party for every new mom.

Sip and sees, while still not as popular as baby showers, are gaining traction as a fun party for new moms. Two or three months after a baby is born, parents and families throw a party where guests get the chance to meet the new baby, and congratulate mom on a job well done.

Rarely do moms request presents, nor do guests bring them, but the whole event is meant to give everyone a first-time sneak peek at the little one in one place, so Mom doesn't have to clean the house and deal with a constant flow of visitors.

With some drinks, light finger foods, and of course, the baby, you'll have all you need for the party.

Here are 14 ideas to help you pull off a fool-proof baby sip and see:

Sip & See ideas

Don't forget #5! Would you have thought to do that?



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