Showing My Personality

I have four kids, all about two years apart, and at some point in their first year, they all started to how their unique personalities. It was such a thrilling thing to watch, and interesting to see how different or similar they were to each other.


My oldest, being the first child, hardly cried before we were there with him, getting him what he needed. He was quick to smile but didn't babble much, except to say "mama" and "dada" and a couple of other words.

My second was a girl, and she was a bit more demanding (but still happy). She wasn't as laid back as her older brother was, and had to work a little harder to get my attention with her daredevil of a toddler brother around.

My third was another girl, and she was a lot more demanding. She used her very loud voice to get what she needed, even in the middle of the night. Now almost four, she still is the opposite of "dainty" but so very sweet....when she wants to be. As a baby, she smiled when she wanted to and not a minute sooner. We had to work for her affection, but when we got it, it was so very worth it.

My youngest is a mama's boy. Even before his first birthday, he gave me charming smiles and a lot of snuggles. He would hug my neck tight, like he would never let go, knowing exactly how to melt my heart (and get exactly what he wanted).

Each of my kids used smiles, screams or cries, loud demands, and batted eyelashes to charm me, or make me run faster to get a warm bottle, or urge me to pick them up. No matter the process (pleasant or not), they were all equally effective.

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