11 Beautiful Images of Moms Nursing 2 Kids at Once (PHOTOS)

tandem nursing

There are few things as beautiful as a mother breastfeeding her baby. But a mom nursing two kids at a time? That's a true feat. Juggling two wiggly bodies, getting both to latch on without kicking the other one in the face ... yet when it all works out, the peace and tranquility that descends on the threesome is too wonderful for words.


That's why we've decided to show photos of moms tandem nursing twins or sibling pairs, and hear the stories behind them through the words of the moms and the photographers who snapped these shots. All we can say is, hats off to your ladies for figuring this out -- and showing us how beautiful tandem breastfeeding can be.

Isn't the story behind #11 so bittersweet?


Image via Ivette Ivens Photography

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