8 First-Year Moments You Will Remember Forever

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You will take probably 10 pictures a day of your baby. In one year? That’s 3,650 pictures…and, you know what? That’s probably a low estimate for many. 


Yes, with smart phones, it’s so easy to document literally every moment of every day of our little one’s life, but there are a few moments in those first 12 months that won’t be caught on camera, they won’t be uploaded to your computer, that won’t be shared on Facebook.

They are moments that happen, big and small, ones that you experience maybe with your husband or perhaps all alone. They are too hard to describe, so you can only just tuck them away in your heart. We listed some of those memories, those moments that you play back in your mind over and over again and cherish forever.

1. The first time you hold him. After waiting 40 long weeks and a labor that seemed even longer, you finally get to meet your baby. The nurse lays him on your chest, you do that horrible ugly cry of happy tears, and you can’t even speak. But somehow you manage to say, “Hello, you. We’ve been waiting to meet you. I’m your mom.”

2. The first night home from the hospital. No nurses, no extra hands, just you, your husband, and the baby. I remember, at 3 a.m., standing next to my daughter’s crib as she slept, thinking, “This is it. This is the rest of our lives.” Granted, that sleep was short-lived. That first night home, she was up every hour on the hour – another memory I won’t forget!

3. The first smile that you really don’t think is because she made a toot. Up until then, eh, you weren’t quite sure if she was smiling because she loves seeing Mama or because she just passed gas. For a while, you won’t be certain…until that one day that you just know her toothless grin is pure happiness to see you.

4. When she falls asleep on you. You are on the couch, she’s nestled on your chest, and you realize she’s asleep. You feel the warmth from her little body infuse you with what can only be described as pure contentment. You have to go to the bathroom, you can’t reach the remote, but it doesn’t matter. You want this moment to last forever.

5. When your baby falls asleep on your husband -- and he’s asleep too. You spy them, both in that dreamland, snuggled together on the couch. They look a bit alike. They look like love just dozing in the afternoon. He’s snoring a little, but she doesn’t mind, just like you don’t.

6. When you made it through that really, horrible, no good, very bad Mommy day. He was up the whole night before crying. The coffee maker broke. He’s teething. You forgot that you left a whole load of laundry in the washer two days ago.  He totally pooped through three different onesies. You attempted to return some long-overdue emails, but your computer crashed. It was one of those days. But, it’s 6 p.m. and he’s now asleep and you (finally) sit down on the couch…and breathe. You made it, Mama.

7. The first time he slept through the night. You wake up with a start at 6 a.m. You check to be sure the monitor is working. You rush into his room, and find him still asleep. He did it! He slept through the night! You crawl back into bed…and toss and turn because, of course, now you are totally awake.

8. The obligatory mushed-with-his-fist first birthday cake. Sitting in that high chair, he’s wondering why all of these folks are singing and snapping pics of him. You put this slice of cake with mounds of icing on the tray in front of him. It smells delicious, so he takes a big handful of it and shoves it in his mouth. About two crumbs fall onto his tongue while the rest covers his chin, cheeks, and eyebrows. Classic first birthday cake mush? Check!


What is your favorite first-year memory?

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