11 Heart-Melting Images of Siblings Meeting Baby for the First Time (PHOTO)

Judy Dutton | Apr 22, 2015 Baby
11 Heart-Melting Images of Siblings Meeting Baby for the First Time (PHOTO)

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Few moments are as sweet as meeting your baby after giving birth, but there is one moment that could be equally as precious: introducing that baby to older siblings. It's probably no shocker that many parents try to capture this pivotal first meeting on camera, and the results are family bonding at its best!

As these photos featuring that first meeting reveal, kids' reactions to the newest member of they family run the gamut -- they may be excited, or shy, or have mixed reviews. It just goes to show that you can always count on kids to wear their hearts on their sleeves and give you a glimpse of what the siblings dynamics could be like down the road.

What do you think the toddler in photo #10 is thinking?


Image via Jade Maitre at Tripshooter

  • Bonjour!


    "This is one of my favorite birth images -- and the fact that their last name is Bonjour and they are meeting their little brother for the first time is too sweet," says photographer Tammy Schmit. "Mama had a very quick labor at the hospital. The entire family including three kids, Dad, Grandpa, and two grandmas were present up until she suddenly had the urge to push. Everyone was shuffled out of the room just as Mama's mother -- the third grandma -- entered to help.  Everyone was back in the room about 30 minutes later!"

  • By Mom's Side


    "This sweet big sister was by her mama's side all throughout her labor and birth," says photographer Paige Driscoll. "This was the first moment she got to see her new baby sister. It was truly amazing."

  • Can I Hold Her?


    "This sweet girl was SO excited to meet and hold her baby sister for the first time," says photographer Sarah Jankowski. "She looked over at her grandma once she finally got to hold her and gave the biggest, proudest smile!"

  • Big Bro to the Rescue!


    Image via Cradled Creations

    "This new big brother was thrilled when he came in and saw the baby for the first time," says photographer Jaydene Freund. "He was also so supportive and attentive to Mom, busy feeding her a fruit cup, giving her sips of water, and picking up Dad's camera to take pictures. So sweet." 

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  • Warming Up


    "Big brother wasn't so sure about his sibling at first," admits photographer Jennifer Mason. "But after a few minutes, he warmed up and was happy to cuddle with Mom and check out his baby brother. He also told his parents his brother should be named John, and they ended up using Johnathan as his middle name."

  • With Open Arms


    "The look of anticipation as they wait to hold their new brother just amazes me," says photographer Erin Sricharoon. "They are both so little and yet the are ready to love and cherish their new baby."



  • How About a Kiss?


    Image via Monet Nicole

    "This little girl adored her younger sister," says photographer Monet Nicole. "She kept on giving her kisses."

  • Mother's Little Helper


    Image via Cradled Creations

    "This little girl grew into her role of big sister starting here in the hospital," says Freund. "She didn't want to leave Mama's side. She wanted to hold her new baby sister, dress her in the clothes she brought, and take on the role of Mama's helper."

  • Mixed Reviews


    Image via Baby Bliss Studio

    "This was a beautiful home birth: I loved how the littlest one was so very excited to meet his new brother. The oldest brother wasn't too sure," says photographer Jennifer Watkins. "I remember being so proud of this mommy and friend for her amazing birth story. I love what it captured."

  • Big Sister Bonding


    "Sweet baby Trevor was born into a family full of love," says photographer Ashley Marston. "He had two lovely big sisters anxiously awaiting his arrival." 

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  • Speechless With ... Joy?


    "The photo is of our first son meeting his little brother for the first time, along with the emotions that came with that!" says photographer Jade Maitre. "I love this photo because this face has never been replicated since -- it was a pure spontaneous reaction to being presented with a long-awaited little brother, and says much more than words could!"

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