How to Choose a Nursing Bra That's Right for You

Judy Dutton | Apr 23, 2015 Baby


While nursing is great in that you don't need a lot of bottles, warmers, and other equipment, the one piece of gear you will need is a good nursing bra. Trust us -- try whipping your boob out of any old bra while your baby's crying and clawing at your cleavage and you'll understand why!

But it will behoove you to choose carefully: While nursing bras vary widely in terms of their strengths, there are certain characteristics you'll want to look for across the board: 

Mom Guide to Choosing the Right Nursing Bra

A clasp you can easily undo. Since babies don't like waiting once they're hungry, you'll want a bra that offers fast, easy access. "Find a bra that has a clip you can easily pull down with one hand," says bra fitting expert Jessica Pfister. "It will make feedings a snap."

Adjustability. Since the size of your boobs and body will no doubt change in unpredictable ways, the more adjustability there is, the better. For instance, nursing bras with more than three rows of hooks and eyes in the back allow for more wiggle room, as do adjustable shoulder straps.

Don't sacrifice comfort for cute -- or vice versa. These days, you really can get a nursing bra that's not only comfortable but won't make you feel like a cow. "Feeling and looking good is important to keeping balance for new moms," says Pfister. 

Whatever your goal -- to find a bra that's comfortable, or really supportive, or that helps you feel like a sex kitten come bedtime (yes, it's possible) -- the options in this slideshow have got you covered.

Got a nursing bra you love? What makes it a must have? 

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