17 Confessions from Moms Who Are Surviving Motherhood -- But Just Barely

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Ah, baby brain -- that fog of confusion and forgetfulness that plagues new moms, draining their competence at even the simplest tasks. While the science is still debatable on the cause of baby brain or whether it's even real, many moms swear something's scrambled their brain cells post birth -- be it hormones, exhaustion, or all of the above -- and offer up these stories as proof. If you've ever felt mortified leaving your keys in the fridge, check out these doozies to know you've got plenty of company.

  1. "I have a 16-month-old and a 3-year-old, and even though I'd given birth a year and a half ago, just this weekend I poured cascade into the dishwasher and started it as usual. An hour later I opened the fridge to reach for the O.J. and there's the green cascade liquid bottle in the fridge with the milk and juice! Good thing I did not pour it into my kids' sippy cups!"
  2. "When my daughter was about 3 months old, I was back at work and had to pump. I walked into my office, shut my door, and proceeded to take my pants off. I am not sure what I was planning on pumping!"
  3. "Post baby, I forgot my Social Security number for a few months. Glad I found the card!"
  4. "After having my second child, I pulled into a gas station to fill my vehicle with gas. Paid at the pump and then took off. The only problem was, I still had the nozzle from the gas pump in my tank. It wasn't until the gas station attendant came running after me did I even know what I had done -- $250.00 later (to re-attach the nozzle back to the pump) everything was back to normal."
  5. "I put oats instead of ground coffee into the coffee filter. Eww!"
  6. "Right after my son was born, I made a pot of 'coffee' using formula. The coffee can and formula can were right next to each other, and in my sleep deprived state, I didn't notice what I was doing. Thankfully I noticed my coffee was white, right before I took a sip."
  7. "One day, a month or so after my daughter was born, I swear I heard my husband tell the dog to 'knock it off … except he was at work, and I was hearing things."
  8. "I once asked my 3-year-old daughter to carry the groceries instead of my husband. I didn't realize what had happened until she said, 'Mommy, these bags are way too big for me, I'm only a little girl.'"

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  9. "I put my daughter's bottles on the stove to sterilize and forgot about them. I lay down to take a nap and her coughing woke me up because they caught on fire!"
  10. "I can't tell you how many times I have poured formula instead of creamer into my coffee."
  11. "When my second child was about 8 months old, he got sick with RSV. We had just gotten back from the ER with him after being up all night long. He was crying and hungry, and I was half asleep with both of my kids sleeping beside me as I tried to get him to latch on and he just kept crying. After I woke up enough, I realized I was trying to nurse my older child instead of my younger one!"
  12. "I went to a pool party and took my shoes off to put my feet in the pool. Then I drove all the way home … and didn't realize I was barefoot until I got out of the car."
  13. "Yesterday I stood at the microwave for 10 minutes wondering why the milk bottle wouldn't fit."
  14. "When my son was a toddler, he has health issues so we had to drive to a hospital an hour away to meet with a specialist. We got there with about 15 minutes before the appointment.  I got out of the car to discover I still had my slippers on! Not my best moment."
  15. "I was making bacon Christmas morning and poured the bacon grease ... into my coffee."
  16. "When my first child was about 2 weeks old, I was so careful to make sure and not forget him in the car as has happened to some people. I carefully parked the car in the garage and took him inside. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn the car off. Started a fire that burned down our detached garage. Oopsie."

What's the craziest thing you've done due to baby brain?


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