20 Most Extraordinary First Birthday Cakes for Little Girls (PHOTOS)

Suzee Skwiot | Apr 9, 2015 Baby

crazy first birthday cakeIt's her first birthday. She won't remember it, will love the wrapping paper more than the presents, and will likely not even recognize all the commotion happening around her for what it is. But if you're like many (if not most) parents, you will make a big deal of it anyway. It's the first birthday after all!

That's why you may just opt for a total over-the-top first birthday cake. It's a big milestone to celebrate, and the dessert should reflect that, right?

Just take a look at these 20 over-the-top cakes parents commissioned for a little girl who has no clue what a cake even is yet.

#15 is seriously crazy! Did you go for an over-the-top cake for your daughter?



Image via myicakes/Instagram

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