10 Surprising & Little Known Milestones in Baby's 1st Month

Caroline Olney | Apr 3, 2015 Baby

The first month with a new baby in the house is obviously exciting for Mom and Dad ... and the dog and the neighbors and the grandparents and the mailman. But even out of the whole neighborhood, who could possibly be more excited that there's a baby around than the baby himself??

As they learn to live in the outside world for the first time, every sense that a baby has updates and adjusts to all the new things around them. They have to learn how to use all their brand new body parts to interact with this cool new world, and that involves a lot of growth and development on their part.

The first month is one of the biggest periods of change in a babies life, and here are some of the most dramatic changes you can expect.

Do any of these changes surprise you?


Image via Matthew Benoit/shutterstock

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