12 Things No One Ever Tells Us About Baby's First Month

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Thought all the surprises are over now that baby is finally here? Think again. The first month after a baby is born is really just an adjustment period for them -- their little bodies are learning to cope with the real world after all that time in the comfort of mom's womb. That means they're going to go though a lot of weird changes ... and it's all stuff that no one really likes to talk about before it starts happening.


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Some of the stuff that new parents find in their baby's diaper or on her body are going to seem straight-up strange, so we thought we'd give all the new moms and dads out there a heads-up. In the emotional rush after baby is born, it seems like no one takes the time to write down all these weird things that happen in baby's first month. Sure, baby's first poop might be something a new mom is curious about, but what about baby's skin, or her hormones, or even getting baby acne? (It happens.) Well, we've put together a collection of baby tips that a new parent should know about.

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Here are 12 things that'll happen during a baby's first month that no one bothers to warn new parents about (but are totally normal!).

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