Did You Baby-Proof Your Christmas Tree?

christmas tree

photo by Cafe MicheleZ

What a gorgeous tree!

I haven't put my tree up yet, but it just occurred to me, I'm in big trouble. My 11-month-old is crawling and standing and climbing and grabbing. Plus, she loves sparkly shiny things and twinkly lights. Uh-oh. What do I do to baby-proof my Christmas tree?


That's what KriStaBeLL312 of the CafeMom Newcomers Club wanted to know. She asked other members of the group for their ideas, comments, and suggestions. Here are the highlights:

"An electric fence is the only surefire way of keeping him away." —Tazz2

"I don't have any ideas. When my daughter was that age our tree was ugly—the bottom half was such a mess."—kayleighsmom110

"My husband made my daughter terrified to touch the tree! She thought it would eat her. He would stick his hand in the tree and then scream like it was hurting him! It worked, she never touched it!"—lilasmom2007

"My problem is not my baby, it's my damn cat. This year we bought a flat tree that hangs on the wall."—mamachase

Those are some funny responses. But really, is there no way to keep your tree pretty and your baby away? How did you baby-proof your tree?

If you're looking for ideas, Cafe Cynthia has some good advice in the Toddler Buzz on childproofing your tree.

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