11 Sweet Mementos to Collect for Baby's 18th Birthday Starting on the Day She's Born

Suzee Skwiot | Mar 23, 2015 Baby
11 Sweet Mementos to Collect for Baby's 18th Birthday Starting on the Day She's Born

year of the animalAfter you've decked out the nursery and collected all your baby shower winnings, you think you might be done buying gifts for baby. Not so much. As a memento, and to perfectly capture this special moment in time, parents are now buying birthday and year keepsakes for their kids to open and receive much later.

From fun time capsules to "open it when you reach this milestone," these gifts are specifically meant to commemorate the year in which you welcomed your baby into the world.

So get a brand new wish list ready and start planning for baby's future gifts.

gifts to buy in baby's first year

Don't forget to do #4 on the day of birth! It's super important. 



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  • Birth Year Trivia


    Image via Amazon

    Haven't you ever wanted to know random trivia facts about your birth year? Like the fact that the first iPhone came out in 2007, or that Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" was the biggest chart-topping single of 2013? Now you can commemorate all those moments with this one single print, so they don't have to Google it all when they're older (that is if Google still exists by then).

    Amazon, $29.99

  • Wine


    Image via Cockburn's

    Yes, really. But obviously not to open now. The trick is to buy a nice vintage port (port, more than any regular red or white wine, ages nicely) that was produced in your child's birth year and gift it to them on their 21st birthday.

  • Newspapers


    Image via qvist/shutterstock

    What were the biggest world events to happen on the day of the birth? That's the biggest question. Remember exactly what went on in the universe on the day your child was born with this handy reference.

    If you're feeling especially decorative, you can also just frame the front pages and display in the nursery.

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  • Coins


    Image via United States Mint

    You can search forever to find a perfect set of a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter from a particular year, or you can buy a whole ready-made set from the U.S. Mint Office. They offer collections from the past several years, so you can stock up for older kids as well.

    U.S. Mint, $19.95

  • Charting Music


    Image via Pelevina Ksinia/shutterstock

    At the end of your child's birth year, check out the Billboard Top 100, which charts the best and most popular music of the year. Buy the top 10 songs, and make a playlist on a CD, USB, or Dropbox folder (who knows where the future will take us), and save to listen to as a #throwback to "oldies" tunes.

  • A Letter


    Image via imgur

    Sure, it's an overwhelming year, full of firsts and adventures, but take the time one day to write your baby a letter and seal it in a pretty, commemorative box. One for the first year, describing your favorite moments, the biggest milestones, and what you'd like to look back on much later. Continue the tradition every year, and gift the box to the baby (inspired by this brilliant dad) when they turn 18.

  • In Proper Storage


    Image via Tree by Kerri Lee

    Then, take those thoughtful written words and keep them in a beautiful box. Present the whole collection to them when the time is right. It's a gift they'll treasure forever.

    Tree by Kerri Lee, $48

  • Predictions


    Think you can call exactly what your baby will do or be when they're older? Here's your chance.

    For baby's first birthday, or after they're born, have family members and friends put together a "Time Capsule Predictions" list of what you think baby will do, how tall they'll be, what their personality will be like, etc. Then, turn it over to them on their 18th birthday, and see who was most correct.

  • Send a Postcard


    Image via WoodberryUA/Etsy

    This one's a three-for-one. First, you write a postcard for your baby on the day they were born. Then, get a recent stamp and have it postmarked for that day. Mail it, then store it until they're old enough to really appreciate it.

    WoodberryUA, $10.20

  • "Year of the" Memories


    Image via bysimple/Etsy

    According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, each year has a designated animal (2015 is a sheep!), so depending on your child's birth year, buy a block, pillow, or sign that commemorates their special animal ties.

    Etsy, $16.00

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  • Hospital Onesie


    It doesn't necessarily have to be the onesie your child wore home from the hospital, but get the nurses, doctor, family members, and of course, the parents, to sign and leave notes on this keepsake outfit. Frame it in a shadow box, and gift to them when they're older.

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