9 Ways to Upcycle Leftover Baby Items

Judy Dutton | Mar 18, 2015 Baby
9 Ways to Upcycle Leftover Baby Items

baby jars to spice containers

Most moms are painfully aware of all the STUFF you're required to buy on baby's behalf… and that it quickly outwears its usefulness. But aside from giving away mountains of clothes or tossing old cribs, what do you do? Just watch your money go down the drain?

Hold up. There is another option: upcycle those baby items instead!

How to upcycle used baby products

Here are some ingenious ways to give old baby clothes, baby food jars, playpens, and more a second life in your home. Not only are they great ways to save money, but you get to hold onto a few more sentimental items for the long haul!

Who knew baby food pouches could be revamped in such a cool way? 


Image via Unsophisticatedcook.com


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