This Choking Video Could Save Your Baby's Life

baby choking psa

Think fast, parents! Do you know what to do when your baby is choking? Take the guesswork out of the panicked moment and prepare yourself with this one 40-second PSA from St. John's ambulance, a first aid charity in Britain.


Don't be that "tragic irony!" That's no laughing matter.

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Nationwide Children's Hospital lists choking as a leading cause of death among children, especially in toddler and infants under the age of four. In the United States, a child dies every five days from a choking-related accident. And the biggest culprits? Food, toys, and coins.

Little pieces of food can be dangerous, especially if a child has yet to transition to solid foods. And those choking hazard signs? Important warnings for us all.

So take the 40 seconds out of your day to watch this video. It could be life-saving.

Are you prepared for an emergency like this?


Image via stjohnambulance/YouTube

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