10 Surprising Scientific Facts About Sharing a Bed With Your Child

Whether you call it co-sleeping, having a family bed, or bedsharing, more and more families today are sleeping together. It's been a popular practice for years in many other parts of the world, but here in America, views are split. Some parents think sharing a bed creates a dangerous sleeping environment for a baby. (Not to mention puts a serious cramp in their sex life.) Other moms swear this close-in arrangement makes for a happier, healthier baby.


So how do you make the choice? Should baby come to bed with you or have their own, personal sleeping space?

Here, we break through the speculation (and there is a lot) to give you some hard scientific facts about co-sleeping.

Number two may be shocking to some moms; was this the case in your house?


Image via Suetlana Fedoseyeua/shutterstock

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