How the Season in Which Your Baby Is Born Affects His Personality

babyIf you gave birth in the spring or summer -- or you have a summer baby on the way -- listen up. Scientists are back looking at the way the season of your birth affects you, and they've got some bad news for parents of the kids born when it's warm and sunny out. They're going to be cranky!

Winter- and autumn-born kids, on the other hand? They're less prone to mood swings. Or so say researchers from Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary, who looked at some 400 people, the season in which they were born, and whether or not they had a mood disorder.


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The theory is that the timing of birth -- time of year anyway -- can affect how much dopamine and serotonin you have in your brain. Sometimes dubbed "happy chemicals," this is the stuff you need for a stable mood. But spring- and summer-borns just don't seem to have as much as their counterparts born when it's cold out -- which leads to mood swings.

Those born in autumn were called out as least likely to be depressed, while winter-borns were least likely to suffer from mood swings overall.

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Another big finding? These birth-driven effects often show up later in life rather than right after you're born!

So enjoy your sunny, happy baby now ... but watch out when they grow up!

What's your child's mood like? When were they born?


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