Do You Know Baby CPR?

Did you see the news this weekend about the mailman in California who saved a baby's life? He was delivering mail when a woman came running out of her house with her lifeless 19-month-old, crying for help. The mailman did CPR on the baby and saved her life.


When I was in the hospital, my doctor told me I should take a CPR course, but I still haven't. MountainPawz asked members of the CafeMom Newcomers Club if they knew CPR and of the 50 responses, almost everyone of them is certified in or knows CPR. Wow!

I did a little digging to find out how to go about learning CPR, and some of the Newcomers Club moms had great suggestions:

1. Call your local YMCA and see if they have a class. (from joshlor2)

2. Contact your local Red Cross to see when they offer classes in Infant CPR.

3. Have a CPR party! If there are other parents in your neighborhood who are interested in learning it, you can have them over and have a certified Red Cross instructor come and teach all of you. (from skylar682)

4. Get certified online. Take First Aid Web's "CPR for Infants." The course is free, but if you want a printed certificate, it will cost you.

5. Check out YouTube. There a some instructional videos there that might be good for informational purposes; I watched "Infant CPR with Nick Rondinelli."

6. Contact the American Heart Association. "When you check into the classes, ask if they teach infant CPR (not just adult), some sessions will and some won't." (from DixieFlower)

Do you know CPR? Does your babysitter?

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