9 Dangerous Car Seat Mistakes Parents Make & How to Fix Them

child in car seatThe infant in this car seat is not properly buckled in his seat; the retainer around his chest is too low.New moms and dads are willing to bend over backward to keep their newborn safe ... yet a new study has found that the vast majority of parents are making a potentially fatal mistake before they even leave the hospital. How? With their infant car seat.

Researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University Hospital observed 267 families leaving the hospital with their newborns and found that 93 percent of parents make a critical mistake installing or positioning their infant in car seats. Only 7 percent got it right!


Considering car accidents are the leading cause of death among kids in the US, with recent statistics showing 650 children aged 12 and under dying and 148,000 injured per year, this is serious. For infants in particular, a car seat reduces the risk of mortality by 71 percent ... that is, if it's used according to manufacturers' instructions.

In an effort to help you embark on parenthood with the proper precautionary measures in place, here are the 9 most common mistakes parents are making when installing their infant car seat, and the solutions that will keep your little ones safe.

Easy fixes for common car seat mistakes

Did you do #3 with your car seat?


Images via NHTSA

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