10 Pediatricians Confess the Craziest Things They've Heard From Parents (PHOTOS)

Judy Dutton | Jul 16, 2015 Baby
10 Pediatricians Confess the Craziest Things They've Heard From Parents (PHOTOS)

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Pediatricians are parents' sounding boards for just about all health concerns we may have for our kids. And while certain questions crop up regularly, every once in awhile, pediatricians hear things that make even a trained medical professional scratch her head.

In case you're ever embarrassed to reveal some question or concern with your pediatrician, let these quotes put you at ease that they've honestly heard it all. Really.

Geez, hasn't the mom in #5 ever heard of shrinkage?


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  • Moon Unit Mom


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    Questions about breastfeeding abound in a pediatrician's office, yet this query threw one doc for a loop: "The mom asked, 'Does the moon phase affect my breast milk?'"

  • 'Meet the Next Tiger Woods'


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    Of course parents think the world of their kids ... but one pediatrician was put off by a mom who was utterly convinced her son would become the next Tiger Woods. "She used the camera to show me how he was swinging around a plastic tube just like a golfer would swing a club," the pediatrician recalls. "She wanted to know what they can do to 'help him become like Tiger.' I explained to them that it was more important that they work on helping the child walk first than perfecting his swing."

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  • Water Baby?


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    Sure, we've heard babies can swim -- even that it's smart to get babies in the water as young as 6 months. But one pediatrician recalls one dad whose question was a stretch: "He asked, 'Can my baby go scuba diving?'"

  • 'His Poop Doesn't Stack Up'


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    While most parents want to make sure their kids are having healthy bowel movements, one couple was downright obsessed. "They had a chart comparing one son's poop to the other, right down to scientific measurements," their pediatrician recalls. "My recommendation was to focus less on poop and more on the wonderful, unique things about each son. Nothing like starting sibling rivalry early!"

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  • Case of the Missing Testicles


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    One mom -- who clearly wasn't too familiar with the effects known as "shrinkage" -- consulted her son's pediatrician for answers. "She said, 'I can't find my son's testicles,'" the pediatrician recalls. "Apparently her 4-year-old had them in the warm bath the night before, but in the chilly winter morning, they were gone!"

  • Don't Drink and Breastfeed?


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    One mom who visited her baby's pediatrician was clearly eager to get back to tipping one or two (or three!) back: "She asked, 'If I drink wine then breastfeed, will my baby get drunk?'"

  • Bath Time, Or Dinner ... Or Both?


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    Kids may be challenging to feed -- but that's no excuse for what one pediatrician heard one couple say about their tykes. "They said the only way they could get their children to eat was when they were in the bathtub," he said. "I followed with, 'You are the adult here -- clearly they would not know they could eat in the bathtub if you had not given them the option!'"

  • Too Much Milk?


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    Breast milk may be "the perfect food," but one mom wondered if there could be too much of a good thing. "She asked, 'Can my baby be addicted to my breast milk?'" the doctor said.

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  • Urinalysis


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    One couple came to a pediatrician convinced their baby disliked his dad. Why? Because he peed on the father more frequently than the mom. "They asked me, 'Is this a sign the baby doesn't like his father? Are we doing something wrong?'" the doc recalls. "I told them of course not! Perhaps the baby was just showing his father how 'warm' his feelings for him really were."

  • McDonald's Run!


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    When to start babies on solids is certainly a common concern ... but one pediatrician wasn't prepared for this question to pertain to a Big Mac and fries: "The parents asked, 'When can I feed my baby McDonald's?'"

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