11 Breastfeeding Photos That Perfectly Capture the Bond Between Baby & Mom

Jodi Meltzer | Oct 7, 2014 Baby

My mom said something to me while I was breastfeeding my son one afternoon that will stay with me forever. She was approaching the last stage of her valiant battle with ovarian cancer, and her eyes suddenly welled up, stung by a memory tucked away in her mind. "You know the way you feel about your baby?" she asked, while my son nursed away, perfectly content. "That's exactly how I feel about my baby."

It was then I truly understood the depth of her love for me, how instinctive it was, how unconditional. She felt this way about me? I thought, as I looked into my son's almond eyes. She let me know right and there what I felt as I nursed -- that innate connection, that rush of overwhelming love -- was what she felt. It's a moment in my life that I will always cherish.

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There's nothing like the bond between a mom and her baby, and the way a mom looks at her little one -- and vice versa -- during a nursing session is one of the most beautiful examples. Just check out these images caught by photographers of nursing moms.

There's no denying the bond between Mom and baby after looking at #8, is there?! What's your favorite memory of breastfeeding?

Image via Jen Conway Photography


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