8 Things Babies Know That'll Blow Moms' Minds

Judy Dutton | Sep 17, 2014 Baby

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At first glance, babies might not seem that smart. Not that it's their fault! They're just young, their minds like Silly Putty -- mushy and malleable to whatever adults want to impress on them. Heck, French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau called babies "perfect idiots." Yet a growing body of science argues otherwise, claiming that babies know a whole lot more than we think they do, from physics to statistics. Read on and check out some of their unbelievably brainy abilities.

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We tend to think of babies as the perfect blank slate -- supple and ready to absorb any information we expose them to. Which is why the whole debate of nature vs. nurture still rages on today. Are babies born intelligent, or is it something that can be fostered and developed? Well, there is now significant research that suggests that babies are born with some sort of innate intelligence. From numbers to language acquisition, to even their understanding of relationship dynamics -- babies surprisingly know a lot! Take a look at these new and interesting facts about babies' intelligence that might just change how the nature vs. nurture debate is argued. 

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