12 Clever Crafts Featuring Baby's Footprints

Jodi Meltzer | Sep 17, 2014 Baby
12 Clever Crafts Featuring Baby's Footprints

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Who doesn't adore baby feet? Oh, the joy of finally seeing 10 toes after nine months of pregnancy! But the little footprints that lead straight to our hearts only last for a short time. Kids grow so quick -- so don't forget to get them while one can! Crafting is the way to go. Pictures do not capture feet like actual footprints -- getting a good print can also be the key to making a charming, amazing DIY project. Take a look!

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We love crafting; simple crafts, big complex projects, or even projects that we can build over longer periods of time (like a scrapbook or a quilt). But what's even better than crafting on our own? Getting the kids involved! Sure, it can be a little tough to get younger children to craft with ease, but we think that a footprint project might be key for making cute and personalized projects. All one needs is a tube of paint and the right idea to make something personalized that will last forever. 

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As kids grow older, one can keep them busy with their own personal stamp projects. We've got some unforgettable DIY footprint crafts cooked up by moms around the Internet!

Where is a good spot to hang #8?

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Image via Simply Kierste

  • Footprint Wall Art for Older Kids


    This cool craft from Blessings Overflowing is definitely family room-worthy! Talk about a conversation piece for get-togethers ... it captures footprints at unexpected times in your kids' lives (instead of just the obligatory baby footprint). Brilliant.

  • Have a Heart Footprints


    This craft is perfect for Valentine's Day ... or, really, any day your child wants to remind someone she loves them. Footprints make a heart shape if positioned the right way (thanks Cobwebs, Cupcakes & Crayons). All kids have to add is their message and -- voila! -- a memorable memento.

  • Construction Site Handprints & Footprints


    The Keeper of Cheerios came up with the cutest craft idea for little truck lovers! What's not to love about a construction site made up of handprints and footprints? Little ones (especially those with a Handy Manny fascination) will have a wrecking ball of a time making these crafts (but the mess is worth it)!

  • Footprint Reindeer


    While the mall decor is debatable, it's definitely not too early to get going on footprint reindeer ... a craft Santa will love.

  • Rainbow Butterfly Footprints


    Image via Sawdust Embryos

    Artwork that captures your baby's footprint in vibrant colors and keeps her entertained for awhile is nothing short of brilliant. This keepsake from Sawdust Embryos provides a beautiful snapshot of your little butterfly before she takes flight.

  • Halloween Footprint Card


    Image via Cheap Crafty Mama

    Spooktacular footprint cards from Cheap Crafty Mama are a must-make this Halloween. How cute is this ghost? 

  • Baby Tracks


    How about some multilayered, 3-D art featuring your baby's handprint or footprint that's good enough to hang in the nursery? Yes, please! Baby Tracks from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar are so cute, you will commit to putting a nail in the wall as soon as you're done.

  • Baby Footprint Ornament


    Image via Dreams to Do

    These footprint ornaments from Dreams to Do will give you that warm and fuzzy holiday feeling year after year. It's hard to believe someday you and your child will put it on the Christmas tree together ... and his foot will be double in size!

  • Wearable Footprints


    Image via Annie Ducey

    You can turn one of dad's undershirts into a memento he will love with some paint and your kids' footprints and handprints. We promise he will wear it (and your kids will be so proud of themselves when he does!)

  • Dr. Seuss Footprints


    If your kids are fans of Dr. Seuss’ The Foot Book, this is the craft for them! Meet the Dubiens came up with a fun footprint idea for kids that uses a quote from the book. What's better than reading and crafting?

  • Footprint Stool


    Image via Simply Kierste

    These stools from Simply Kierste take footprint crafting to a whole other level! Kids will love making it ... and using it every day.

  • You Are My Sunshine


    Blessings Overflowing put footprints to canvas to pay tribute to a song most moms sing to their kids: You Are My Sunshine. How sweet!

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