12 Clever Crafts Featuring Baby's Footprints

Jodi Meltzer | Sep 17, 2014 Baby

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Who doesn't adore baby feet? Oh, the joy of finally seeing 10 toes after nine months of pregnancy! But the little footprints that lead straight to our hearts only last for a short time. Kids grow so quick -- so don't forget to get them while one can! Crafting is the way to go. Pictures do not capture feet like actual footprints -- getting a good print can also be the key to making a charming, amazing DIY project. Take a look!

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We love crafting; simple crafts, big complex projects, or even projects that we can build over longer periods of time (like a scrapbook or a quilt). But what's even better than crafting on our own? Getting the kids involved! Sure, it can be a little tough to get younger children to craft with ease, but we think that a footprint project might be key for making cute and personalized projects. All one needs is a tube of paint and the right idea to make something personalized that will last forever. 

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As kids grow older, one can keep them busy with their own personal stamp projects. We've got some unforgettable DIY footprint crafts cooked up by moms around the Internet!

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