Stocking Stuffer, Baby: Boyish Accessories (All for Under $7)

It's day three of the Baby Buzz's Stocking Stuffer Special. This week we've covered Little Suckers and Girlie Accessories. Today, I've got some fun stuff for the little guys in your life.

baby blue hat

photo from Baby Ant

Baby Cute Cap "True Blue" L'ovedbaby

Why I Love It: It's oh-so-soft and will keep baby's little ears warm. It comes in eight colors.

Get It: Baby Ant, $6.99


boy's bib

photo from Etsy

Grease Lightning Bib

Why I Love It: The bright colors and the cool cars make me happy; the bib has three layers, including a layer of absorbent batting material to keep baby dry.

Get It: Etsy, $6

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