Did You Plan Your Baby?

baby santa

photo by LelandsMommy

I've got a Christmas Baby. She was due on Christmas Eve, and she arrived on December 23. I know that's not the best day to have a birthday. I know it will be hard to plan a birthday party around the holidays. I know it will be hard to make her feel special at that time of year.


People ask me all the time, "Can't you do math?" "Are you going to rip her off with presents?" Um, yes I can do math (well, basic math anyway), and no I'm not going to rip her off—in fact, I'll probably overcompensate the other way. I want very much for her birthday to feel special.

Yes, I "planned" my baby. I didn't know for sure I'd get pregnant that April but I was trying. Would it have been better if I got pregnant another month? Maybe, but it didn't happen that way. I just feel incredibly lucky she's here at all.

The other day, my friend Cafe Melisa in the Pregnancy Buzz asked, "Would you be induced early so you could celebrate the holidays?"  I didn't. My doctor wanted to so I wouldn't be in the hospital on Christmas, but I wanted my baby to come when she was good and ready.

How about you? Did you plan your baby?

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