Holy Moly, Pete Wentz' Baby Name Is a Lot for a Kid to Live Up To

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Pete Wentz has managed to outdo himself as a card carrying member of the crazy celebrity baby name club. His first child with ex Ashlee Simpson, Bronx Mowgli, was a doozy. But second time around his kid registers on the highest richter of the playground teasing scale. Pete Wentz and girlfriend Meagan Camper named their son ... wait for it ... Saint Lazslo.

Saint Lazslo Wentz. 

Poor baby.

Unless they're enrolling Saint Lazslo in some underground playgroup with North West, Bear Blu, and Blue Ivy with teachers who get paid to stifle their snickers and sarcasm, he's in for it.

Pete, Pete, Pete. Nothing pisses me off more than a man who's gone through life with the name Pete not paying it forward to his offspring. How about you change your name to Saint Lazslo and call your son Pete? As parents, we're supposed to take the hits for our precious babies. Did you not get the memo?

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I know celebs feel they have the cash and clout to overcome their kids' shortcomings. So Jason Lee didn't think twice about naming his son Pilot Inspektor. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon blessed their twins as Moroccon and Monroe. But stars fade, people. Remember when M.C. Hammer had us all wearing ridiculous balloon pants dancing to "U Can't Touch This?" Now ...  crickets. Bankruptcy. He became a gangster rapper and then a preacher and reality show wannabe. I probably see him in Target and don't recognize him.

Pete, it's time to get your career going again so you can afford therapy ... or bribery ... or a private teacher for homeschooling. Whatever works. Saint Lazslo is going to need some extra investment, thanks to your name choice.

What do you think of celebrities who give their children crazy names?

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AHutchy4 AHutchy4

I don't mind honouring a saint with a middle name (ala Michael St. James Flatley). But Saint Lanzlo?? Get a grip!

nonmember avatar guest

It's Laszlo, a Hungarian name. A little research on the author's part wouldn't have hurt either.

nonmember avatar jaine

umm...Imogen is a lovely name.

Megan Derus

For one, that name is not THAT bad compared to the many many horrible choices celebs have made. Second, the trend in baby naming (for celebs and non celebs alike) to to go weird and unique as you can. So by the time all these kiddos make it to school together, it will just be the norm.

nonmember avatar Grey

I have an unusual first name for a woman. Grey. My parents thought it was cute. When put with my middle name then is just wow mom and dad what were you thinking. Grey Dawn. However I got over my name as a child and now as an adult I could change it. But have not. My girls who have traditional names have school mates with names like Jett and Blue and Leven and Talon. Different yes. They do not seem to mind or have issues with their names. Considering the people these celebs kids will be spending time with Sally would be the odd name not theirs. It's your kid name it what you want.

mommy... mommyIam08

First, you say it's time for Pete to get his career going again....do you live under a rock??? His career is going very well and Fall Out Boy are on a huge tour co-headlining with Paramore the summer. They are playing to 10,000 to 20,000 fans almost every night. I know, I've been. Check your facts! And the name of his baby, while unconventional, is the choice of him and Meagan. I see countless non celebrity babies with stranger and crazier names, it's not just a celeb thing. You talk of how the child will be smirked at and essentially made fun of when he goes to school and in your article you are doing that exact thing. You are an adult bully. Shame on anyone who judges a child's name.

nonmember avatar Lee

You called his first kid "a doozy" - you didn't say the name was a doozy. You said he kid was a doozy. Real nice.

Laszlo is a Hungarian name- I have a good friend named Laszlo.

Honestly, I can't believe they allow all of you to write this crap.

puggy... puggylove10

Yet another reason celebrities are not like us mortals. You think this kid will get made fun of?? I think NOT!! One, he's rich. Two, he's the son of Pete Wentz. Stop trying to put celebs on the same playing field as normal people. They can get away with it.

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