The Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding

Judy Dutton | Aug 20, 2014 Baby
The Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding

August is National Breastfeeding Month -- and whether you're about to embark on breastfeeding or are already nursing, you're bound to encounter a ton of questions and challenges along the way. To increase awareness about breastfeeding and to help you out, we've compiled the ultimate guide to breastfeeding -- advice and insight on everything from how to get baby to latch, increasing your milk supply, how your husband can help, and real stories from moms who have been there. Read on and you'll have all your breastfeeding bases covered.

What are your biggest questions about breastfeeding?


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  • How to Overcome Common Breastfeeding Challenges


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    Breastfeeding can be SO hard ... and many moms get so frustrated they throw in the towel. "12 Most Common Breastfeeding Hurdles & How to Overcome Them" solves these all-too-frequent problems, from a baby's bad latch to moms not producing enough milk. 

  • Words of Wisdom From Breastfeeding Moms


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    Nursing moms need all the support they can get, but all too often, they don't. If you need a cheerleading squad to encourage you, check out "10 Things Every Breastfeeding Mom Needs to Hear," like "it may feel weird at first," "it doesn't have to be all or nothing," and more. We've got your (aching) back.

  • How to Boost Your Milk Supply


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    Few things are as frustrating to nursing moms who are told they've got to supplement. The good news: Solutions abound in the article "10 Natural Ways to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply," from the seeds of certain plants to (yes, even) beer!

  • Tips for Breastfeeding After a C-section


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    Moms with C-sections may have a tougher time nursing than moms who give birth vaginally, due to pain or their milk not coming in quickly. "Breastfeeding After a C-Section: 5 Problems & Solutions" can help these moms troubleshoot their way to success.


  • 'I Breastfed My Toddler'


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    Many moms swear they'll never nurse a toddler ... then there they are, two years later, nursing their toddler. You'll learn and laugh reading "Breastfeeding a Toddler -- That's So Not My Plan," one mom's account of how kids and plans rarely mesh in the ways we think.

  • Best Breastfeeding Positions


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    From the "Football hold" to "No hands," the right breastfeeding position for you -- and your baby -- can make things so much easier. Find one ... or a few ... you're comfortable with at "8 Breastfeeding Positions to Make Nursing Easier on Mom."

  • How to Soothe Cracked Nipples


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    Those first weeks of breastfeeding can be tough -- and your nipples can hurt so much, you want to cry. "Treating Cracked, Bleeding Nipples While Breastfeeding" reveals tips to provide some much-needed relief without having to call it quits.

  • Best States for Breastfeeding Moms


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    Breastfeeding is more common in certain states than others, due to local laws, health initiatives, and other factors. To find out where your state stands, check out "10 Best States for Breastfeeding Moms: Is Yours on the List?"


  • Breastfeeding Must-Haves


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    Breastfeeding may be "natural" and all that, but still, having a few key items handy can set you up for smooth sailing. "The Breastfeeding Mom’s Ultimate Survival Kit" will give you the lowdown on what to get, from the right pump to nursing pillows to gummy bears (really).

  • Treating Mastitis While Breastfeeding


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    Studies show that as many as 2 out of 10 breastfeeding moms experience breast inflammation known as mastitis. "How to Treat Mastitis While Breastfeeding" offers the latest health info you need to get better while continuing to nurse.

  • Foods That Boost Milk Supply


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    If you're looking to increase your milk supply, why not eat your way there? "8 Yummy Lactation Recipes for Breastfeeding Moms" highlights foods that will do the trick, from lactation cookies to smoothies.

  • Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies


    Even the most devoted breastfeeding mom may want to use a bottle on occasion ... only getting their baby to use one is often easier said than done. "8 Bottles for Breastfed Babies -- Recommended By Moms" points to products with proven track records.

  • The Lowdown on Breastfeeding While Pregnant


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    Many moms are leery of breastfeeding while pregnant, and while it's perfectly safe, it's not always a walk in the park. "Breastfeeding While Pregnant: 5 Problems & Solutions" helps moms through their most common concerns and hurdles, from a waning milk supply to sore nipples.

  • How to Treat a Blocked Milk Duct


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    Clogged milk ducts can not only hurt, they can make breast milk hard to get. "How to Treat a Plugged Duct While Breastfeeding" contains tips to get your milk flowing again.

  • How Dads Can Help You Breastfeed


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    While men can't breastfeed, they can do a lot to make your life a whole lot easier. "15 Amazing Ways Dads Can Help You Breastfeed" highlights all the ways they can offer assistance, by fetching you a drink to defending your decision to nurse in front of in-laws and friends.

  • Controversial Foods for Breastfeeding Moms


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    Breastfeeding moms hear a lot of mixed messages about what they can and can't eat or drink. "5 'Controversial' Foods Breastfeeding Moms Should Know About" helps cut through the rumors and get to the facts on what's safe and in what amounts.

  • Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding


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    Nursing a baby past 12 months is called "extended breastfeeding," and while it's common, not all moms may realize what a boon it can be to a baby's health and well-being. "10 Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding" highlights all the perks from intelligence to nutrition and even discipline (who knew breastfed babies may be better behaved?).

  • Toddler Breastfeeding Myths


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    Although the World Health Organization and many Surgeons General recommend breastfeeding until the age of 2 and beyond, many moms still feel strange nursing a toddler. "5 Toddler Breastfeeding Myths That Drive Me Insane!" debunks the most common misconceptions and can help lay a mom's concerns to rest.

  • Vasospasm: When Nipples Change Color


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    Sometimes breastfeeding can cause some baffling problems like vasospasm, a constriction and spasm of the blood vessels that can cause the nipple to change color. "When Nipple 'Changes Color' During Breastfeeding: How to Treat Vasospasm" explains why this happens and what to do.

  • Surprising Side Effects of Breastfeeding


    Sure, you've heard about all the usual side effects to breastfeeding, from sore nipples to uncomfortable engorgement. Yet there are also some far more surprising things you'll experience. Check out "11 Breastfeeding 'Side Effects' No One Told You About" for a lowdown on the shockers in store, from "phantom letdowns" to your overhauled body image.

  • Amazing Uses for Breast Milk


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    Breast milk isn't just the best nutrition for your baby. As "25 Healing Uses for Breast Milk for Moms & Kids" makes abundantly clear, it's a healing elixir that can come in handy for all kinds of health problems including diaper rash, itches and bites, and far more well worth knowing.

  • Dads Show How Supportive They Can Be


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    Although dads can't really breastfeed, they can show their support in various ways, and one noteworthy effort is "Project: Breastfeeding," an ad campaign by photographer Hector Cruz. To read more and take a gander at the amazing pics, go to "Dads Try Breastfeeding in Ultimate Show of Support."

  • How to Treat Thrush


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    Thrush, a fungal infection, can crop up in the breast as well as the baby's mouth. Although painful, it can be alleviated with certain steps outlined in the article "How to Treat Thrush While Breastfeeding."

  • Things Breastfeeding Moms Hate Hearing


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    Given breastfeeding is such a good thing, it's infuriating how people can make hurtful comments about it -- and many may do so unintentionally. If you're curious whether you've heard these lines or even said one yourself (yikes!), check out "11 Things Never to Say to Breastfeeding Moms."

  • 1 Thing Every Breastfeeding Mom Should Do -- Before It's Too Late!


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    While breastfeeding moms may often be camera shy, here's the truth: Breastfeeding is beautiful -- which is why a growing number of moms are commemorating the experience with professional photo shoots. In "1 Thing Every Breastfeeding Mom Should Do Before It's Too Late," one mom shares how she regrets not getting more shots of her breastfeeding her baby and urges other women to not make the same mistake.


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