10 Worst Reasons to Wean a Breastfed Baby

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8Bad Reason #8: Baby Is Teething ... and Biting Your Boob

Ouch! While no mom should put up with that, instead of weaning, you can teach baby what's appropriate to bite and what isn't. "Immediately take your baby off the breast and offer him a toy, cool wash cloth, knuckle or something else that is okay to bite," says lactation consultant Tanja Knutson. "When they are teething, it feels good on their gums to bite down, so they just need to learn what they can bite on."

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9Bad Reason #9: You're Worried Nursing Too Long Will Traumatize Your Toddler

Once and for all: "There is no foundation that extended breastfeeding will traumatize a child," says Zoppi. Or maybe you've been warned, "If you don’t wean by ___, you’ll never be able to." Again, false. Just like all kids eventually potty train, all eventually wean. What's more, if you withdraw breastfeeding before your baby is ready, you may actually have the opposite effect and mess him up!

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10Bad Reason #10: You're Feeling Pressured By Others To Stop

Bottom line: There is simply no "right" time to wean. So stop heeding those dirty looks and listening to these unfounded warnings and try tuning into what you and your baby want -- because that's what will really tell you when the time is truly right.

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