Mom Gives Birth to Baby While Enrolling Son at Preschool

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It's never too early to learn how to multitask when you're a mom. One Texas woman learned this the hard way when she delivered a baby boy while enrolling her 4-year-old son in a preschool in Houston.

Vanessa DeLeon knew she was in labor when she decided to stop at Alexis' preschool to fill out all of the necessary paperwork she needed to ensure her child was all signed up and ready to go this September. Having already given birth to Alexis and his two older brothers, you can't blame this woman for knowing it can take HOURS and hours and, sometimes a day or two -- or five -- to go from that first contraction to active labor and delivery.

But, boy, did she miscalculate when it came to her fourth baby. In fact, DeLeon was so off that she ended up asking the school nurse to perform a duty we're sure she isn't used to.

Right after she dropped off the registration forms, DeLeon says she asked if anything else was needed of her because she had to get to the hospital -- pronto. But she never even made it to the car. The mom was marched right into the school's nurse station, where the medical professional says she didn't even have time to put gloves on before she saw the baby crowning.

Mom gave birth to a healthy 6-pound, 3-ounce boy named Geovanni. The little cutie was wrapped up in school T-shirts because they didn't even have blankets on hand -- ya know, because it isn't every day that a newborn makes his way into the world via their classroom!

Needless to say, mom bravely pushed without an epidural AND little Alexis got to experience the miracle of life and be one of the first people on the planet to meet his little brother. I'm hoping doctors read this story and decide to take our contraction complaints a bit more seriously -- especially if we're giving birth to our second, third, or fourth children.

I delivered my second baby about an hour and a half after my water broke. I didn't have time for an epidural and I barely had time to really think about what was going on around me. Given the fact that my first born took her sweet time -- 18 hours -- to emerge from the womb, I would have totally stopped at my child's school to enroll him in class before moseying my way over to the hospital. You might say this story will stick in my mind if I try to go for baby #3.

How was the birth of your second, third, or fourth child different from the birth of your first?


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Beth9210 Beth9210

I had my second child/son without pain medication not because of how fast he came but because the nurses wouldn't give me pain meds. My water started leaking and I told the nurse director I needed to push. Then my water broke and out came Gabriel. I didn't even have to push.

AmberDK AmberDK

I've had to be induced for al 3 kids. For some reason my body just wont go into labor. My water leaked out with my first and they had me go to the doctor every week for monitoring. After a month they finally induced me. The doc never even told me my water leaked, but it was in my chart that my water broke on June 2, and I was not induced until the night of July 1. I had a dry birth and my son almost did not make it. He was born with a veil, which was practically glued to his face, he was purple, non responsive, and they never did get his temp over 96.6. The second two I didn't ever go into labor and I was induced at 42 weeks both times. All went quickly. Had them within 3 hours of receiving the induction medication. Did not use epidural on any by choice. I refused to sign the paper work to get it all 3 times.

Tracys2 Tracys2

That could have happened to me. My labors were 4 hours long (from no signs of anything to baby), 3 (water broke, no pain till 20 minutes out, could have easily miscalculatd) and 2.5 (induction, also nearly pain-free)

Didn't get any fun car/preschool stories, but did make the nurses deliver the final baby because I didn't want to wait 4 minutes for the doctor to show up. I hope they all got paid appropriately, but I wasn't thinkint that at the time

Anony... AnonyDaMouse

this could have been me lol i was 5 cm dilated at 34 weeks and just found out i was in labor cause my dr did a cervical check and told me to go to the hospital. never once felt a contraction and baby came right out. 3 hour labor and i said " wow i could do this again tomorrow" lol easiest labor ever

kelse... kelseyk90

My labors were both twelve hours exactly, water broke, went to hospital, and half a day later came baby. First one was basically perfect pregnancy and delivery. Second uhhhh not so much, they tried to tell me I needed a c section, and then they messed up on my questions and triage and told me I answered yes to having herpes (I don't) right in front of my hub!! Lol but nope second one slid out in minutes like a bar of soap , actually the doc had his back turned and when he turned back around he yelled at me and told me to stop pushing! Right. Oh well things work out.

nonmember avatar krystian

My first labor was horrible. I hated it. Nd I think that is due to having the epidural.

The twins, I was having,contractions regularly at 25 weeks. My water leaked at 27 weeks, and 5 cm dilated at 27 weeks, They didn't induced me until 35 weeks. I wasn't allowed to have an epidural due to the meds I was on. I was checked in they broke my water at 430, by 530 I was ready to push. Had the oldest out in 15 or 20 mins. They broke my other water, and with in minutes I was ready to push. I was done by 645.

nonmember avatar sam

I hosted my daughter's 5th birthday party at chuckie cheese while I was in labor with my 2nd. I started having contractions around 3pm the party was at 6pm. No way I was gonna miss her party so after that wrapped up around 930 we went to the hospital and miss izzy came around 3am. So this could have been me. I would surely have stopped to drop off some paper work with out even thinking twice lol

ariel... ariel_daly

I was hardly able to get in a wheelchair with my second and I was 9 cent. The doctor broke my water :/ I have no idea how I was at nine with it still intact and after it was broken out she came. :-) I was in the hospital at 8am out she came at 8:30am

Melan... Melanie_berries

Lucky lady! I was in labor with my son for 52 hours. 14 hours longer than was expected, because it was decided that I needed a C-Section, but the ONLY operating room/anesthesiologist were busy with emergency brain surgery (understandable). My poor kiddo wasn't positioned correctly into my pelvis, and was sunny side up. At 9 pounds, guess it just wasn't gonna happen Naturally.

Following the cesarean, my incision got massively infected, broke open, and had to drain and heal from the inside out. I had an open wound in my belly for 3 months afterward. I have not had, nor intend to have, another child due to the fear of having a similar experience.

nonmember avatar Michelle

This is our school distict and here pre-K is first come first serve with even more limited "good" ones. We have stories like this or parents waiting in line for up to a week outside a school to get children enrolled in a quality school.

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