9 Moms Who Set World Records Birthing Babies

Yes, motherhood is a feat unto itself. But sometimes we just have to marvel at moms who accomplish stunts so far from the norm, it's astonishing their stories are true. If you've ever wondered how old a mom can be to give birth, how many babies one mom can have, how long labor can last, or hear some other unbelievable stories from the extreme horizons of parenthood, get a load of these world record-breaking moms below. They will alter everything you thought you knew about what's humanly possible, for moms or otherwise.

Which record surprised you the most?

Image © Matthias Kulka/Corbis

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bugaem bugaem

Feodor Vassiliev is a male name, and there is no way this man could birth even one child.

Snapp... SnappleQueen

Who wrote the captions for the pictures? One of the links doesn't work and another one uses scare quotes. Really sloppy, terrible writing.

jkp-buff jkp-buff

bugaem - You're right. Feodor Vassiliev was the husband. If you google the info, you can only find that his wife MRS. Feodor Vassiliev had 69 babies. Sad that she accomplished such a feat and her name is forgotten by history and she is only known by her husband's name. But interesting that he remarried and had 18 more kids by his second wife. 87 total children, of which 82 survived.

nonmember avatar A

@bugaem and @jkp-buff It hasn't actually been that long since married females have been known by their own name. Prior to the 1900's once you were married you were known by your husbands name and if you weren't you were known by your fathers. In some cases in married females would even be known by their brothers name if they ended up living and working for them.

nonmember avatar Candi Sanders

A MAN can not give birth. That "man" was/is a woman with female reproductive organ therefore SHE gave birth like any other woman, nothing special.

Belinda Anne Clem

I am glad you put the quotations around the word "man" because SHE sure wasn't a MAN!  She still had a uterus.  IF "he" had it removed and then carried a baby I would have been AMAZED an believed "him" to be a man, but "he" still had female anatomy and "he" was nothing more then a female to male TRANSGENDER!  I really wish these reports would get this right.  

Belinda Anne Clem

It is COMPLETELY possible for a REAL man to have a baby (the placenta will attach to anything, look up babies carried outside the womb) but it would HIGHLY dangerous as some of the vessels inside a placenta can be the size of your thumb or bigger and if it detaches the person would bleed to death in seconds.

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