9 Ways Moms Can Make Money at Home

Of course, stay-at-home moms already have a job, and an important one at that. But if family finances are tight, she might sit there wondering if there's a way to earn extra money working from home. Well, it turns out there are plenty of ways to rake in cash on the side (yes, with a baby around) that are flexible and don't require a lot of experience. Plus, they're actually enjoyable. If throwing a party, heading to the beach with a dog, or finding a new playmate for your child sounds good to you, consider exploring these opportunities for extra income -- and some fun.

Have you found a fun way to make money at home?

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nonmember avatar Michiko

Picking up strangers? no, thanks. Especially not with my child.

nonmember avatar Courtney

My exact though Michiko! Seriously who wrote this, you endanger your child every time they're in a car, why add to that with picking up strangers???????

Miche... MichelleRawrr

Geez, it's like all you ladies have time for is criticizing everything she writes about. Give it a break already

amyma... amymaggard29

Wow I'm so glad I saw this. Thanks so much

AngelaDD AngelaDD

Definitely wouldn't do lyft (4 kids that hate the car don't think someone is gonna wanna pay to squeeze in between the wild ones) but some of these other ideas are awesome....

lasombrs lasombrs

I looked into lyft but i just dont trust it enough to find safe passengers. I had heard about it a month or so ago. I sell Tupperware and do pretty good with it, almost all online sales and never going in people's homes and leaving my family. Works for me because my son is disabled and I can drop it when his health declines and pick it back up easily when he is healthier

nonmember avatar Perdita

Being a parent is NOT a job.

miche... micheledo

I would love to find a way to make money that doesn't take time!!!  LOL!!

I try to remember that I am SAVING a lot of money for our family by budgeting, cooking from scratch, watching sales, etc.  We have six kids and I homeschool so there is little time to do much else. 

I do have friends with older children that run their own businesses.  I look forward to doing something like that as the kids get older!  (baked goods at the local farmers markets, produce, eggs, etc.)

Chris... ChristyM123

Perdita, being a parent is absolutely a job. It doesn't pay, but it most certainly is a job.

billi... billiejo79

Perdita- Being a parent is a job and the most important and rewarding job there is.

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