Megan Fox Lets Her Son Watch Her Poop -- So What?

Breaking news: Megan Fox poops. I may have just gotten some men a little annoyed. (My apologies.) Okay, poop comes out of her perfect little behind ... but, really, guys, that’s not what’s upsetting. When Megan disclosed on Chelsea Lately last night that she poops in front of her son Bodhi, some moms got upset.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actress made her dirty confession to host Chelsea Handler:

When you have babies you don’t really have a life. Every minute is dedicated to someone else. You don’t even get to poop alone. You have to take the baby with you.

So what are you thinking, moms?


Gross. Babies are capable of sitting in their bouncy seat or pack and play for a few minutes.

How dare Megan poop in front of her son? He’s a boy!

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While no one needs the visual of her pooping with an audience, is it really a problem because she does it in front of her boys?

Megan has two boys under the age of 2. Her son, Bodhi, was born in February, and her older son, Noah, is 23 months. She undeniably suffers from exhaustion, so that could excuse her potty candor.

She gave these boys life. She has probably had every body explosion -- spit up, throw up, pee, poop -- splattered on her designer outfits as unwanted accessories. She deals with their butts on a daily basis, so why can’t they return the favor? 

I brought this up to some of my mom friends, and here’s the general consensus: Megan’s diarrhea of the mouth shed light on something most moms are forced to do at one time or another. Sure, they’re a little annoyed that Megan broke the mommy code on the subject, but they acknowledged peeing in peace is an impossibility with kids ... and that both their boys and girls have seen them drop trou as needed. Some ensure pooping remains private, but most say it’s a part of life as a mom.

Demonstrating that Everyone Poops may help with potty training down the road. Get over it.

Do you go to the bathroom in front of your kids? Even if they're the opposite gender?

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hello... hellokd87

My son is almost 5 mos & i'll take him in the bathroom with me if no one else is home. There's nothing wrong with it as babies because they don't even realize what's going in. Now if she was showering with him in the bathroom when he's a toddler or with her toddler then that would be cause for speculation.

nonmember avatar Lauren

There is nothing wrong with this. And there is nothing wrong with showering with your toddler either.

Ellen Waltos

My son is gonna be 5 and he still follows me in the bathroom to "talk" as he puts it LOL

nonmember avatar mommy0320

My son comes to the bathroom with me and GASP the bathroom door is left open when i need to shower, most of the time he stands there handing me toys he thinks i want to play with. Im a pregnant SAHM whose husband works long hours, i need a shower to relax and im not going to leave my 17 month old unsupervised.

kayba... kaybayblee3

I don't see anything wrong with it. Both my toddlers are in the bathroom with me whenever I have to use it. They just follow me in there.

Lando... Landon2012

Yup my 2 yearold goes in the bathroom with me it's the only way for me to keep a eye on him as for pooping I have to wait til hubby gets home or bed time . 

nonmember avatar DJC247

I have two kids and when they were little I took them to the bathroom with me, now my youngest is almost 3 and a boy, I leave the bathroom door open so I can hear what is going on and a lot of the time they walk in and talk to me or want to wash there hands.

It is no big deal, life happens and your child's safety is just as important as not getting a UTI.

abiga... abigailsmommy11

The only one of our children that we're both careful to not get naked around is my stepdaughter. She saw a glimpse of my Husband in the showere when she was 2.5, I was taking her potty, she said "Daddy has a tail, he is a puppy". We thought it was hilarious, but her Mother was not amused. So we've been careful ever since, just to avoid drama.

nonmember avatar Lamomma12

Big deal, my son is 21mths old and he definitely goes to the bathroom with me when my husband isn't home. He's a very active little boy and I'd rather have him in there where I can keep an eye on him. Also it helps with potty training. He understands that the toilet is for pee an poop

Alice Versluis

my son did follow me to the bath room. While he was under 2 I allowed him to, but discouraged him. Once he turned two, he had to learn to wait outside the door, and as he got older, not to open it. Its not necessary, so I teach him and his brother not to, and their sisters too, should they have any. To me, private things like that should not be allowed to be remembered. :P Memories are kept in children from around age 4, some earlier. so I played it safe. :D

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